Date: 27th April 2009 at 2:26pm
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All is pretty quite on the gossip front, only bit I’ve seen lately was in The Sun claiming Villa will test Leeds resolve in the summer and try to bring in midfielder Fabian Delph (who was also linked last summer and January.

I tell a lie, here is another snippet, this time from Sky Sports. Apparently Villa are interested, along with Blackburn, in Serbian Nikola Zigic. The striker is apparently not wanted at Valencia and has been on loan at Racing Santander. Valencia’s sporting director Fernando Gomez said: ‘Some clubs have already asked about his situation. The subject is on hold until the end of the season, but Zigic is interesting many clubs in Spain and abroad.’

Sky Sports News also quote the player himself:

‘Valencia hold the key to my future and I will make a decision on what to do next after meeting with the club in June. I am happy in Spain but I need to play regularly and that has proven difficult at Valencia. I will only leave for a club that has ambition and where I will get the opportunity to play. England? That is a serious option for me.’

Meanwhile Martin O’Neill is calling for major funds to fend off competition from Manchester City and Spurs next season in Villa’s quest to break the top four.

O’Neill said in the Daily Mail (along with other papers): ‘I have been checking out players up and down the country – any country. We had about 15 games covered at the weekend all over the place. If we are going to keep going in the way we are doing, then trying to improve the side means trying to compete. It will not be easy next season. Manchester City will be very strong. They have got the financial clout to do something about it. Tottenham Hotspur spent big in January just to get out of trouble so you can imagine, with the hope and expectation with Harry Redknapp coming there, that they will also have the wherewithal.’

Adding: ‘I will be speaking with Randy. If it is not this week, then it will be the week after. We will get a chance the next time he is over….Randy has been pretty excited about the way we have played and sees this season as one of progress.’

One thing you can be sure of, now he’s said that, the transfer gossip will enter hyperdrive!


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  • Didn’t O’Neill come out in the summer and deny any interest in Zigic last time we were linked?

  • He already has enough carthorses to play up front…no need to buy another. Delph would be a good signing, but I wonder whether we would be better off using Albrighton and Bannan as back-up to Milner and Young.

  • Nimmo i think if we wanna compete and get into the top 4 i would suggest Bentley and Downing 4 comp 4 Young and Milner. However i do have faith in MON and trust his transfer policy.

  • Here we go again.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ve heard all of this before from Mr O’Neill.

  • Hi Villa…I am a Leeds fan and it seems every club in the premiership from ManU and Arsenal down to Newcastle and sunderland (who would want to go to thse places !!) want Delph. Arsenal are reported in at £6m for starters so prepare for a bidding war as the boy is just getting better. Watch him for yourselves in the play offs and make up your minds (it will take you about 5 mins).

  • I think whoever we sign in the summer we need to get someone in early to demonstrate our ambition

  • yeah, i thought tht MON said tht rumours about Zigic signing for villa were untrue and denyed any connection between villa and Zigic

  • I would only want Downing if Barry went, basically for the left footedness and I’d bring him in midfield, centre-left. Bentley no thanks. I would have a huge punt on Darren BENT though. And on current form the MF i would buy would be Benayoun. Defensively I would go for Micah Richards to be honed and trained up again and buy Hangelaand and ***** Fulham right off. Also, a cheeky bid for Carvalho. My number one purchase if fit and able to pull off a medical would be Roque Santa Cruz.

  • We got a good player from Racing Santander a while back. Bit of a Villa legend in fact, so they do have good players from time to time.

  • The Fear-
    Let`s just say for his age Delph is better than Milner, Lennon (to name a few) and most other players who come (or have come ) off the Leeds United assembly line over the years…Many thanks to Paul Jewell for discovering him and recommending him to the Leeds United Academy when Fabian was a schoolboy in Bradford..
    Be prepared to pay big money for this wonderkid..

  • I fancy getting Owen in on a free. Give him a basic wage topped up by bonus’ for goal, appearances, england selection, etc. If Owen came a got 20+ goals with Gabby, Carew, Young, Milner chipping in we’d improve on this season. I also fancy forcing Everton’s hand with a major attempt (£10-15) to bring Joleon Lescott ‘home’. Add Defour, Glen Johnson. Thats 4 players (£35-40m) that would seriously improve us for next season. Obviously if Barry leaves we’ll need to reinvest in another player.

  • Downing will go straight to spuds. I think woodgates shagging his sister or some bollox. Delph would be worth it if he turns out to be another Walcott but i havent seen enough of him to judge. Bent would get us 20 goals a season. I think Mon will defo sign him. He’ll get all the service he can dream of from Ash/Milner/Carew. Lescott would be an awesome buy but would Everton want to sell to such close rivals??!! Hangeland from fulham 10M. Isnt he american? Randy take note

  • It is looking like we’ll end up ~10 points behind 4th place this year and thats 10 points over 38 games we need to improve. Yes Villa had a dreadful end to the season but a good chuck of the season we may have over achieved. As they say it all averages out over 38 games…………… So we need to target players that can turn 2-2draws into 2-3 (or even 2-1) wins, and 1-0 losses into 1-1 draws……….. Lets get Owen/Defour/Lecott/Johnson and have another go at 4th………….. BTW can Liverpool raise £10quid let alone £10m for Barry in the summer? They need to refinace £50m worth of player transfers as it is.

  • Didn’t O’Neill say something about not being able to compete with the top 4 financially? And yet now he’s trying to compete with Man City and Spurs, who Arsenal and Liverpool can’t compete with financially. The man hasn’t got a clue. Even he gets the money to spend, he’s going to waste at least half of it. And please, someone tell the man that Cornwall and Essex are not sovereign states. Scouts all over the place indeed!

  • Lecott got me thinking. He’s scored 15goals in 111games for Everton. That’s 1 in 7.4games – that’s like better than Heskey!

  • At least MON has worked out that we do need a full squad at last. This is his make or break season and a chance to consolidate all the good work that has been done so far in building a team but not yet a squad. Another 50 mil please Randy????

  • Hi The Fear
    Yes hes that good. I am a long time Leeds supporter and have seen all of the crop of youngsters come through from Revies teams to now. He certainly looks ahead of the likes of Lennon and Milner at this stage but is more of a wiry all action midfielder with a big engine who can pop up for vital goals. Tough as teak as well

  • Delph is saying in todays local papers he wants another year at Leeds and doesnt want to go to a team and disappear or warm the bench while foreign imports ‘have’ to be played to justify fees. It seems Arsenal are favourties at the moment as they are offering £6m and players (permanent or loan). A lot depends if Leeds make the championship and if Bates wants the money.

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