Date: 6th June 2009 at 11:38am
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Sometimes you just have to laugh!

The Sun reporter Pat Sheehan today suggests Spurs want Villa star Ashley Young and are prepared to swap him for David Bentley plus £8million in cash.

Get real!

The report says Martin O’Neill will be ‘desperate’ to hold on to the 23-year-old winger. With 3 years left on his contract, Villa don’t need any desperation do they?

Never shy of being in the press talking about other teams players, Harry Redknapp already said this week he wanted Gareth £arry and now it appears he has set his sights on another Villa player. Hmmm!

Another report, this time in the Daily Mail say that Villa are looking to bid for Spurs midfielder Jermaine ‘with an e’ Jenas and they value the 26-year-old at £10million. He always looks decent to me. The Vital Spurs site call him Mr Marmite… for those that don’t know, it means you either love him or hate him!

The same report says Villa are set to beat Wolves to the signing of Serbian midfielder Nenad Milijas. A report earlier in the week claimed the opposite! The report claims MON will travel to watch the player in the Serbia v Austria game tonight. Hmmm, isn’t MON on holiday in America?

Meanwhile Middlesbrough chief executive Keith Lamb has told the press that they will sell England winger Stewart Downing if the price is right. Lamb told Sky Sports News: ‘Who knows whether Stewart will be here in August. If he is he will be playing for us in the Championship. But if the right offer comes along he will be allowed to leave.’ Downing is currently recovering from a foot injury he picked up in the game v Villa but Lamb is confident the 24-year-old will make a full recovery saying he is a good healer. Spurs, Villa, Manchester City and Manchester United… hang on, I could just link all the teams really, the press do!… have been linked with moves for the player.

Our latest poll asks what price you’d sell Ashley Young at if at all.


39 Replies to “Villa Transfer Talk – Young To Spurs?! LOL”

  • It never ceases to amaze me how fans swallow whatever the media says without question.

  • I like it Pking. Only question is Aston Hotspurs or Tottenham Villa? I’m inclined to go for the former although that might obligate us to set up in the midlands, and no-one wants that ;-). Where do the media get this BS, I can see our squad players beeing sold to Villa to bulk out the numbers and vice versa but why would either of us sell our best players to teams on the same level unless crazy money was offered. Makes no sense…

  • Well i for one believe everything the sun says and fully expect deal to go through at 5pm tomorrow……….just after i’ve had dinner with Lord Lucan!!!

  • Honest question, premiership table positions aside, Do you Villa fans honestly think that you have a better squad than ours [Spurs], or just a better prospect, with a good squad, great manager and a bright bright future… come next season there will be a level playing ground and outside the top four, I don’t think there is that much difference in the next 3-5 teams in terms of quality, managers etc… but what HAS made the difference the past season is management choices, the odd transfer here an there and perhaps the odd dodgy tactic, thinking about it, u guys beat us at home 2-1, an we beat u 2-1 away , pretty simple veiwing in my eyes, what u think?

  • I’ve just read Spurs a preparing a £5m bid for Willowavfc… apparently he’s got a sweet left peg!

  • hopefully refereesfavourbig4 you don’t mean me swallowing it, I think I write the stuff clearly enough that I’m taking the St Michael out of 90% of the links. If not I must have my saracasm filter cleared and start again! :o)

  • “Never shy of being in the press talking about other teams players, Harry Redknapp already said this week he wanted Gareth £arry and now it appears he has set his sights on another Villa player.” Where was O’Neill’s outrage at Spurs and Harry for conducting transfer business in public!!!!!!! Just shows what he said about Liverpool and Rafa last year was just a cynical ploy to increase the price Villa would get for Barry, nothing more.

  • good to see JohnDoe aint bitter about Barry choosing Citeh.Nobody from Spurs has said anything about our players yet.Only Liverpool use that tactic,the tactic Barca and Real will use to take Macherano and Alonso.

  • Pking, Actually I’m quite happy that Barry went to Man City, it means that Alonso will more likly to stay with Liverpool. With regards to Spurs, I quoted The Fear’s article when he said Harry talked about Barry this week, here it is again ” Harry Redknapp already said this week he wanted Gareth £arry” Your own editor said that Harry talked about Barry. I ask again, where was the outrage from O’Neill?

  • Harry spoke after the deal was done, so I fail to see why O’Neill would be outraged to be honest.

  • Like EvertonMike says Barry was a Man City player when Harry made those comments,and he was saying he tried to sign him.It was none of this ”Id love him to sign for us”(but we cant actually afford him)nonsence.Your club made a show of themseves with the way they tried to bully us last year.

  • JD – That article is about transfer rumours with no quotes or evidence. Like EvertonMike says Harry only mentioned Barry after he had already signed for city. That’s not to say he’s never done it in the past. The words serial offener comes to mind, which is what TheFear was getting at in his article. From my point of view I hope Daniel Levy has had a word and that the name dropping has stopped because imo it is a form of tapping up. Now that’s sorted we can get back on topic…Young won’t come to us, although Bently might go to Villa if they stump up the cash…

  • Phartman87, your right, there was no quotes or evidence, although Harry later saying basically what the article said is an evidence of sorts. The article that appeared in the Liverpool Echo last year had no quotes or evidence, that didn’t stop O’Neill from being outraged at Liverpool. What’s the difference?

  • Harry is always gobbing off and he annoys me, simple as that really! Also hated the way he was ‘pompey for life’ one minute and off the next. I’ll say no more..!

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