Date: 9th February 2006 at 12:14pm
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Oh great, more soap opera moments at Aston Villa! This time Eric Djemba-Djemba has gone missing. Now fair enough, the Manchester United fans said he always went missing when playing, but this time the player really has gone missing!

Jumper Jumper was due to return to training after Cameroon were knocked out of the African Cup of Nations and might even have pushed for a start at the weekend as James Milner isn’t able to play against his ‘parent’ club Newcastle United and Gavin McCann is suspended.

However the Djemba twins are out of contact!

David O’Leary told the official site: ‘Eric has not been back. We’ve been trying to get in touch with his agent. We know they all had to go back to Cameroon, but we saw Geremi back at Chelsea last night. Maybe Chelsea put a jet on for him. They all went back to Cameroon and everybody’s looking for their players. It’s been five days now. I might see him today, but as of yesterday he wasn’t back. We were hoping for him to be back and were pinning our hopes on him returning today.’

This is what you get when you buy players and then totally mess them around I guess. That said, if he doesn’t want to play ball (literally) I hope his wages are stopped!


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  • Perfect opportunity to sell the player- Gross Misconduct, stop his wages and get rid of the moaning idiot to Santander

  • I’ve got very mixed opinions about this issue, so much so that I’m confusing myself.

    First and foremost, DJx2 has been very badly treated ny the club, like so many players we could mention who are bought and then never given a real chance. (Berson, b

  • Time to get rid.
    Players like this will never fit in after behaving in such a way.
    It’ll just disrupt the dressing room to have him back.

  • We’ve messed him around, fine, we do that with a lot of players it seems, BUT he is still paid by us, I’d rather his job than mine, so if he goes missing, he should be sacked.

  • Any chance we can get Berson back early – he coul have played! He had some good games for us and I think, given the chance, he could do a job for us! DO’L tracked him for ages and barely gave him a chance!

  • If most of us went missing from our jobs without letting employers know we would be up for disciplinary action, no matter how badly treated we felt we had been. I hope the same happens at a football club however I doubt it, something will have been lost i

  • It is pretty easy to get lost in Africa, the lad might have a good excuse. Perhaps there is a simple explanation.

  • Shows the guy’s character. Maybe one of the reasons he hasn’t made it either here or at Old Trafford.

  • Agreed Deano.avfc, Berson looked quality, why we let him leave whilst we had ‘a small squad’ (c) DOL, I’ll never know.

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