Date: 8th August 2006 at 11:44am
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What’s the story?

This last week has been so fraught with excitement, perhaps its time to take stock. I find it very difficult, impossible in fact, to believe Martin O’Neill came to Aston Villa without the strongest possible assurances that Ellis was about to go, perhaps before the start of the season.

O’Neill is intensely ambitious but so far in his career he has had neither the resources or, at Celtic, the stage to compete with the likes of Mourinho, Ferguson, Wenger, or more latterly, Liverpool and Spurs. Only with new wealthy owners at Villa Park would he at last have that chance.

He wants to establish himself as one of ‘the greats’. MO’N didn’t come to Villa to languish in safe mid-table. We keep hearing from very reliable sources that Lerner and O’Neill have already held talks and that O’Neill was his choice for manager. Isn’t that very odd?

So far, despite all the rumours, the American has yet to make a formal bid, yet apparently the two men had talks several weeks ago. Did Neville (and whatever happened to him?) or Still have actual talks with O’Neill? I don’t believe so. {ed comment, I believe Neville has}

Incidentally, how did Lerner ever get to hear about O’Neill? I live in France, and I can tell you that although Martin might be a bit of a managerial legend in the UK, he is far less well known in Europe, nevermind America. Congratulations to Lerner’s team of researchers. I think things have happened back-stage that we will probably never know about. But times, they are a-changin’.

And Amen to that.

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  • Lerner has been researching opportunities in the UK for many months ans, as a well educated man, he will have prepared himself very well.
    He will have almost certainly earmarked key management personnel; of which M’O’N is just one, but a very important

  • im just wondering whe he (randy) hasnt tabled a bid yet. He obviously isnt waiting to raise the funds, so it tells me he has either not made his mind up or is trying to come to an agreed price with Ellis. A week is a long time in football so I will only b

  • I’ve just tried to explain – Lerner probably suspects that there are no other “real” contenders – so he’ll wait as long as possible and at the same time put Ellis on his “back-foot”.

    If there are other contenders, he’ll wait for them to move first; if

  • You never know, there may be no bid at all. Then Ellis stays for yet another year. Sorry but it’s just as likely when you have no bids coming in.

  • i belive its got to happen because ellis knows if it doesnt theere will be a backlash from the fans even with MON in charge

  • Come on now, positive thoughts !! We have the best manager in the uk !! we will soon have the best owner in the premiership !! Ellis will sell
    his health is deteriorating, he’s 82 !!! There is only 1 bid i think he will give time of day to , that’s Rand

  • Thats the point – Randy has to put a bid in and at the mo there is no real indication that he will. If there is show me but all we have so far is pure speculation and Ellis saying talks are on going about the possibility of talks and a bid.

    I would like to know which clubs aren’t loosing money. As far as I know it’s probably only Man Utd in the premier and they are in a funny situation with Glazier’s financial arrangement. Arsenal may be in the black but their stadium woul

  • If Lerner still wants to buy and Ellis will not sell for less than £64 mill. Lerner will need to invest a total of £180 mill to buy the shares, underwrite losses (£25 mill) and increase the “Player Spend” budget by another £90mill. over the next 3 years;

  • A few facts to realise here is that Randy Lerner as not forwarded a bid, as as not said he will, its just the media in england who are saying he is the favourite, Michael Neville as someone as stated previously is possibly working for Ellis to ” up the an

  • All this talk of how much money Lerner will need to invest is bo***x due to the following points:1) he does not need to buy the entire share issue to controll the club, just the Ellis adn Petchy shares (about 60%) which will cost him about £38,5 million.

  • It’s all academic really. There has been no bids and its pure speculation as to the motives of MON joining Villa. We are all in a state of disbelief about MON joining Villa so we naturally assume there is more to it than a manager of his quality (although

  • Hi Steve (again) I agree. Unfortunately “V-of-North” can’t see the wood for the trees. What I said in effect was that Lerner will stand back and look at the worst case scenario. He has to be prepared to invest the maximum required in order not to lose all

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