Date: 21st November 2006 at 11:44am
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Shock results to our last poll, suggested by Col 8, who asked if you missed the local derby v Small Heath?

68% said no, Birmingham City are where they belong!

29% said they did miss the derbies. Villa’s closest rivals this season are Sheffield United and I must admit I miss the spice of a local derby to get us all fired up, I used to enjoy the Leicester games in years gone by, shame they always beat us though!

That left just 3% saying they weren’t bothered….. face, bovvered, bovvered, face, I AIN’T BOVVERRED.

Our latest poll asks if we should enter the Inter Toto Cup if we don’t qualify through the league.


18 Replies to “Villans Not Missing Small Heath”

  • shocking result this, thought we were all missing small heath! lol. Must admit, the idea of no derby’s this season is a bit dull though.

  • I know what you mean but it was nice hammering the final nail’s in their relegation coffin last season.

  • Beating Small Heath on and off the pitch was always enough for deadly. We need to set our sights higher, a lot higher.

  • I dont miss playing playing small heath but do feel sad for the state of midlands football. Those of us old enough to remember wining the league in ’81 can remember what it was like to play all those local derbies and end up top of the pile, that was when

  • i honsetly want to see them back up, along with the baggies and wolves. without these teams our big games are either against teams that would beat us (man u, the arsenal, chelsea) or teams next to us in the table who are only rivals due to the logistics o

  • Yea putting the fianl nail in there coffin was good and I really enjoyed it but I would love to see us kick there backsides every season

  • I see ****in blue noses on the Villa site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wibble, wibble, snark, a better image for this piece would have been the wonder goal from Cahill surely, or super Kevs of course. yes I miss regularly thrashing the opposition, and the matc

  • the best 2 teams in brum are villa and villa reserves. as far as i care i wouldnt miss em if they dropped thru the divisions and were replaced by tamworth. they are all porn selling paedophiles anyway. my mate was locked in a room with two rabid pit bulls

  • UTV- its not cool calling someone a paedophile. i’m a villa fan, but some of my mates support the blues. i’m sure that is the same for many of the people who read this site. the porn selling bit is fact, so thats acceptable, but i suggest if you want to l

  • Well that told him. But it has got a point …….. allegedly. Or should that be ‘allagedly’ as you have asked? UTV

  • That should of been a capital ‘Y’ at the start of the sentence bobbyfett. It should of also have been ‘I’ not ‘i’. Your F7 is fekcud.

  • I think there should be a recount as the question was a double edged sword, yes Im delighted that shower of ****** were relegated, “back where they belong” but I think if the questioon was rephrased to “Would you in an Ideal world have a derby against the

  • Well col8. If it was an ideal world then yes we would have a derby against the dildo sales men from Somali Heath. They would be in the Conference and we would get drawn against them at home in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. The game would be played at our n

  • Ideal world VOTH ?????? you forgot the bit about the loosing b-loose team getting locked into stocks in the bullring for a weekend of pelting. apart from that spot on. and how have you been spying on my dreams ? UTV

  • Lets make the most of their absence. The Championship looks pretty weak this time around, so no doubt they’ll be there or thereabouts come seasons end.

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