Date: 25th February 2010 at 2:44pm
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Statsmasters ‘battle for 4th’ predictions

Hello Hello, Just thought I’d share my thoughts regarding the run-in towards the end of the season.

Much has been said, and although we’re still a good few games off finishing, fans of Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Villa will probably all agree that this season is shaping up to be the most exciting finish for some time.

Just a couple of interesting points on villa.

Firstly, in the last 2 seasons we took a total of 6 points off the so-called ‘top 4’, whereas this season, we already have a haul of 11 points, with Chelsea still to play at the bridge..

Secondly, we’re 1 point above where we were in 07/08, and 6 points behind where we were last season.

However, as villa fans, we all remember very vividly what happened at this stage last season, we went on to get 4 points in 8 games. This season, we have a little more strength in depth (with the possible exception of up front). With this in mind, I’ve done what the lads on vital Spurs have done, and (albeit using my villa-tinted glasses) tried to predict how our results might go, and how the results of our 3 friends might fall.

This is how I see our remaining fixtures panning out:

Sunderland (H) – Draw – 1 point
Stoke (A) – Draw – 1 point
Wigan (A) – Win – 3 points
Wolves (H) – Win – 3 points
Chelsea (A) – Loss – 0 points
Bolton (A) – Win – 3 points
Everton (H) – Draw – 1 point
Pompey (A) – Win – 3 points
Birmingham (H) – Draw – 1 point
City (A) – Draw – 1 point
Blackburn (H) – Win – 3 points
Hull (A) – Win – 3 points

Again, maybe a slightly villa-biased view, but certainly not beyond the realms of possibility given the games we have. This would yield us a return of 68 points. I’ve done the same thing for our competitors, although I wont share those predictions with you as I don’t know if my flame suit will hold up against 4 clubs fans, let alone just ours! But, based on my predictions, I get to this as the final top-4 standing:

4 Villa 68
5 Liverpool 67
6 Man City 64
7 Tottenham 63
8 Everton 62

Everton do have a relatively easy run in, but that 7 points does make a heck of a difference, and I believe it would take something extra special from them to force it into the 4th spot. Anyway, just my thoughts at this stage, and as we all know, it’s a funny old game!

Your thoughts appreciated!