Date: 29th March 2010 at 11:50am
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Update in race for….! 🙂

Last one: Villa’s Battle For 4th Place – Update 4

Oh dear, what a result..

Never mind, how do we now stack up in our faltering rush for 6th?

Oops, did I say 6th, I meant 4th of course!

Well, as predicted, we took sod-all from Chelsea, so this is now how the mini-league looks:

4th – Spurs – 67
5th – Man City – 66
6th – Villa – 66
7th – Liverpool – 64
8th – Everton – 63 (Added Everton’s results in)

Now I have us down as needing to win 4 and draw the other 3 remaining games..

Possible, but looking improbable.

Guess we need to see how the team bounce back from this defeat next week!

Remaining predictions:
Bolton(A) – Win
Everton(H) – Draw
Portsmouth(A) – Win
Birmingham(H) – Draw
City(A) – Draw
Blackburn(H) – Win
Hull(A) – Win


(JF: our poll asks if we don’t finish 4th, who would you like to finish there? Have asked the eds of the four sites to ask the same with us in it so we can compare!)

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