Date: 17th October 2018 at 8:00am
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As new head coach Dean Smith was officially unveiled to the media by Aston Villa earlier this week, chief executive officer Christian Purslow naturally faced questions about our current financial state of play and whether or not the club was capable of backing the manager come the January window.

The reason for the questions were obvious when you consider our state over the summer and transfers were always going to rear their head in such a meet and greet given the lack of balance at centre-half at the club.

With headlines in the media recently talking of £50million Financial Fair Play holes, points deductions and a general ‘we’re doomed’ outlook, those stories had begun disappearing slowly as rumours of a player exodus subsided with the closure of the transfer window but it was bound to return.

That’s why Purslow’s words caused a bit of a stir.

I certainly don’t blame fans for being a touch confused and I’m not surprised to see a trend of ‘spend money’ come up given the wild inaccuracies suggested by some to how FFP actually works compared to normal accounts.

FFP has nothing to do with our bank balance, there are fair dealing rules in place to ensure (as one suggestion on that thread claimed) our owners can’t privately self-buy a club asset (like a piece of land) and pay 10x its price to hyperinflate our turnover.

I’ll come back to this later today looking at what Purslow actually said as people are obviously making assumptions and conflating two different things together – nobody should be expecting massive spending in January though.

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