Date: 15th May 2009 at 11:38am
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Looks like the news we all feared is about to become reality. Villa skipper and defensive rock Martin Laursen is set to announce his retirement at a press conference today.

The 31-year-old world class (and that isn’t said lightly) defender has battled with career threatening knee injuries for several years and just when he thought he was over the problems after completing a full and magnificent season for Villa last year, he picked up another injury, this time in his other knee. Having undergone surgery and given it time to repair it looks like the advice is he could do serious harm if he tried to make yet another comeback.

I’m sure all our good wishes and thanks go to him.

More news and quotes when we get them.


36 Replies to “Villa’s Defensive Rock Set To Retire”

  • Thanks for everythying Martin.

    It was great to see a genuine world class player at VP. Please stay and help coach our defenders!

  • this will be a huge loss to the game if this is true and on a par with Spurs losing Ledley.

  • such a shame, he was a threat going forward and a rock at the back, not often you get a player of this class, not sure quite where we look to replace him either?!

  • very big loss for you guys. Great player. i always rated him. lerleravfc, you can shut the ***** up mate. Ledly king is not *****e. he is a fantastic player and he is certainly the best english defender. He is miles better than Jhon will only now that if you watched him. Like Laursen, he has been really unfortunate with his injuries. i really hate it when top class players are limited due to injuries

  • King is a ******** gormless *****head now ***** off,This is about laursen,He will be missed big time in our back 4.It will be hard to replace him,I think our defensive perfomance really slacked off when he got injured.Not only that he was so good looking.

  • why is it always Spurs and Geordies who are the most deluded?! United supporters speak more sense!

  • Gutted. just a few words that sum him up (again not said lightly):

    Truly World Class
    If i had one i’d let him s**g me wife

    His injury was the biggest contributing factor that meant we missed out on 4th…not just for his defensive qualities but for his goals as well from set play.

    Ledley King HA HA HA HA HA. A better likeness is more like Utd losing Vidic.

  • Really gutted, kind of knew this time he would go, but always thought he would fight back again.
    Give him a job as a coach, right away and have a friendly in honour of the man!!!!! Liverpool fans called Robbie Fowler GOD, and I think we had our own in Martin, he is and will be missed.

  • mmm. Thiery henry stated,”he is the only defender who can take the ball of my feet without fouling me”Was he reffering to Laursen? no wait, it was Ledly king he was reffering to. Gerrard described him as the best defender he has ever palyed with and against. sorry martin, he was refering to ledly king again. Fabio capello- “He is the best defender in the league when fit and can read the game better than most “not laursen, ledly king. who is the defender that has no ligament in his knee and cant train all week , joins his teammates on match day,plays thru pain and still is as solid as a rock evey weekend. You guessed it, ledly king again. Who was the centre half that was embarrassed by a certain Ricardo fuller of stoke city earlier in the season. Hey Martin laursen has got one after all.Dont feel bad it is not as if he was embarrassed by torres or Berbatov. It was a world calss striker in Fuller. So i rest my case, Ledly king is not good enough to clean laursen’s boots.

  • lerneravvfc, nice come back mate(not) LOL LOL. I actually really respect laursen. i think he is a great Defender and scores important goals aswell but you are the one that started the debate by calling ledly *****e.

  • I’ve a feeling his injury is the biggest reason my lot finished 4th this year. Quality defender.

  • You cant help but be sad, the best center half in the league (in my view) gone. He made the right decision he must think of his health but still I wish he could keep going. He is the only villa player I can think of in my life time that was in the same class as Paul McGrath. I think we now have our defence Jesus (yes just to P*** off any christians) to go with GOD. McGrath is God, Laursen is Jesus.

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