Date: 16th March 2006 at 12:35pm
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The Aston Villa Supporters Trust are concerned that the uncertainty over the takeover coupled with a poor season on the field is creating a malaise around the club that is wholly unacceptable to supporters and shows no signs of abating.

The Trust echoes the views of those who want to know what is going on and is concerned that the future development is being hampered by such uncertainty at a time when the club needs to sell its benefits to outside investors.

Supporters of Aston Villa need a sense of where we are heading in order to give us hope and reverse declining attendances. Commenting on the situation Neil Heitzman, Press Officer states “The longer this malaise hangs over the club, the less attractive a proposition we make. If things don’t improve, the appalling attendance at the Manchester City FA Cup game may be a portent of things to come and as a club we will become both an irrelevancy and a huge turn off for potential supporters.”

Statement from Neil Heitzeman, AVST.


7 Replies to “Villa’s Malaise Needs To End”

  • I kind of get what they are saying, but in fairness to the club if there is genuinely no news to report it’s pointless them keep repeating the “Things are ongoing” line I’d rather they just kept quiet.

  • I myself, like many fans have almost given up on the constent histerior that surrounds villa’s take over… It appears nothing is unlikely to happen, even though so many of were convinced it would. What worries me is the lack of external investors from ot

  • They’ve spent years claiming that the club is in no debt and financially sound, if this were the case surely they shouldn’t have this much trouble selling what must be a ‘great investment’.

  • In most cases the seller of things actually wants to sell and actively works to attract potential buyers, I have yet to see any evidence of this happenning at Villa

  • I’m surprised so few people have realised that the only reason the Comers were interested in the first place was because they saw the land/real estate owned or controlled by AVFC as a potentially very profitable and tax-efficient investment. These are PRO

  • I still question whether Ellis really wants to sell. He has never really come across as someone who wants out.

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