Date: 18th January 2012 at 11:13am
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Looks like little Stevie is getting popular!

We asked for your Everton man of the match. Or as Fieldy calls it because he doesn`t like to over strain his fingers typing ‘MotM`

Poll Date: 14 Jan 2012
Suggested By: I Am Losing The Will To Live – MF

The winner by a long way:

Ireland action

Ireland 49% (Ireland thread: Click Here )

Not sure if the next is a protest vote or what, he was only on 9 minutes! Sub: Keane 20%

Then the return of:

Given kicking

Given 19%

The rest:

Albrighton 3%
Agbonlahor 2%
Bent 1%
Petrov 1%
Hutton 1%
Warnock 1%
Collins 1%
Dunne 1%
Clark 1%