Date: 25th May 2009 at 12:41pm
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Villa have launched their new away kit.

There is also a very snazzy website explaining the inspiration and showing the front and back as well as shorts and socks.

For full details:


8 Replies to “Villa’s New Away Kit Revealed”

  • I like it too. It’s something you can wear out (as an adult) without looking like a pr|ck. Who’d go out in a flourecent yellow top?

  • Prefer it without the stripes but looks quite retro. Whats wrong with the electric blue?!

  • must admit I didn’t like the electric blue much, then again I don’t buy and wear replica tops, but obviously do watch Villa in the shirts !LOL

  • looks alot like our old hummel kit that was like the denmark kit hope the home kit isnt the same ..!

  • I’m such a sucker for marketing, almost pre-ordered it. Reminds me of the European Cup winning shirt. Hope to see Barry wearing it next season and lets hope the links between the shirt and the England team are a sign that the 2010 Heroes in South Africa will all be Villans

  • I love the shirt but i don`t really need to hear some bull***** england gimmick,I`m not into wearing football shirts but it is a good one.

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