Villa’s start to the season – reasons to be cheerful (1/2)

Reasons to be cheerful – Part One

The partnership between Tyrone Mings and Bjorn Engels has been perhaps the most eye-catching feature of our season so far. From a tough opening against Tottenham, they have looked stronger and stronger with every passing game. Mings’ form has been such that he has received his first international call up for the latest Euro 2020 qualifiers.

This might sound strange when we have lost three of our opening four matches, but I’ll come to that shortly. Mings and Engels have an innate understanding of each other’s positional play and look as if they have been playing together for years, not weeks.

There is every reason to believe that they will become the latest in a long line of Villa centre-half partnerships, in the finest traditions of Mellberg and Laursen, McGrath and Teale, and Evans and McNaught, to name a few.

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  • JPA, you make excellent comments, but I would suggest that perhaps we are currently suffering from having a tad too much inexperience in the outfield right now. I see a need for (say) Elmo coming in on the right-wing, or Conor/Henri taking up a midfield position. Some wee change to steady the ship a little and to stop the naivity.

    Also may I comment on your England ‘cap’ stats? Your 75 for Villa is surely premature as the two Villa players haven’t yet been selected to play! That reduces the number to 73, which appears to include Scott Carson’s selection when he was on loan to us. I prefer not to include that, so the true number of England internationals right now is 72 as I make it.

    • I must bow to your superior statistical knowledge John! But it’s surely a matter of time before Mings gets his cap, and Heaton will feature at some stage when Pickford is rested. But agree, the sooner we forget about Scott Carson, the better!!

    • Fair point on Carson, but he was capped whilst with us. For me, that includes him John in the tally. I’d also include call ups, but wouldn’t go as far as players through our Academy that then went on to represent as so much changes at that level.

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