Date: 27th May 2015 at 9:04pm
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With the big Wembley build up for the FA Cup Final against Arsenal, Hercs is back with the first of a two part dressing room insight…


*We join the lads gearing up for their FA Cup Final clash. Gabby enters, the team stare at him with confusion.*

Gabby: Wem-ber-ley! Wem-ber-ley! We’re the famous Aston Villa and we’re going to Wembley!… Can’t wait to meet Rafa he’s one of my sporting heroes and Andy Murray, bit miserable but….

Delph: Gabby, what’re you talking about?

Gabby: Wembley Fabz, it’s going to be awesome, strawberries, cream…

Gil {*whispering*}: {This is Wimbledon you speak of Gabriel, not ‘The Wembley’}

Gabby: Pardon?

Gil: {You speak of Wimbledon}

Gabby: Come again Carles?

Vlaar: Vlaar Vlaaaaaaar Vlaaaaaaar!!!

Gabby: Wimbledon!? Nah that’s the ‘Crazy Gang’ Ron, you know, Robbie Earle, John Fashanu, I’m betting they’re crap at tennis.

Delph: Gabby we’re not going to watch tennis, we’re playing the FA Cup final. At Wembley. Again. Where we just beat Liverpool?

Gabby: Nah… But…. Crap!

*Gabby drops his racquet, removes his John McEnroe wig and head band and tosses them aside with disappointment*

Delph: Tennis isn’t even a sport it’s not a sport if you can’t get close enough to your opponent to see the light leave their eyes and hear the bones snap and sinew tear and…. you OK guys?

*A rather pale green Baker and Clark raise their shakily raise their thumbs*


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