Date: 2nd February 2012 at 11:23am
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*we join the lads rueing the 2-2 draw*

McLeish: I cannae believe it! Stevie! What were you thinkin’ man!? ye’ almost scored tha’ exact same goal against Everton!

Warnock: Well if at first you don’t succeed….

*Warnock grins, the rest of the lads stare at him incensed.*

Warnock: Right….. Too soon?

Hutton: Stephen ye must be the most hated full back at Villa Park.

* the lads all turn to look at Hutton with raised eyebrows*

Hutton: what? The fans don’t hate me!

*the eybrows raise further*

Hutton: But I got an assist!

Warnock: Yeah, so? I scored!

* the lads all turn back to Warnock, N’Zogbia rolls up his sleeves*

Warnock: Oh…. Bad goal…Right.

McLeish: Well Stevie, Alan all I can say is I’ll continue to play ye at left back and on the right wing as long as it takes te redeem and prove yourselves.

Warnock: Because you have faith in us or because Mr.Lerner won’t give you any money to replace us boss?

McLeish: Aye.

Warnock: ‘aye’ to which? That you can’t afford to replace us or we’re good players?

McLeish: Aye lad, aye.