Date: 10th March 2009 at 5:01pm
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WAHEY (copyright John Creswell) Vital Villa have been shortlisted for Best online fanzine 2009 in the New Football Pools Awards. I’m dead proud of that as it includes us one and all, writers, moderators, users and readers.

Full list of those shortlisted:

Aston Villa
Bolton Wanderers
Manchester City
Manchester United
Tottenham Hotspur

Modest and very very good looking Jonathan Fear, from Vital Villa, has been nominated for the second year running in the ‘Best Editor’ category of the New Football Pools Awards.

Once again there is tough competition now the votes have been counted, the nominations made and the competition enters the judges stage.

Last year I proudly won this, can I make it two in a row? Well, lets face it, I am brilliant and should really have had an oscar, a bafta and a knighthood by now…! Or in a more realistic mode, probably not, I thought it very difficult to win once, I’m not sure lightening can strike twice… that said, I am brilliant. Have I mentioned my brilliance yet? Why do I have to mention my brilliance, we all know it is true…. :-0

I would wish all the other nominations, including two fellow Vital editors luck, but then, you’d know I was lying…I’d hate to relinquish the title of ‘best person in the world’ or is that another award.. I forget now.

Advanced warning to Dave at Vital Bournemouth and Oxfordspur from Vital Spurs. If you win, you are fired…! :o)

Full shortlist:

Aston Villa Jonathan Fear, Vital Villa
Bournemouth Dave Jennings, Vital Bournemouth

Brighton Sam Swaffield / Stefan Swift, The Seagull Love Review
Everton Sausage, Steve Jones, Blue Kipper
Halesowen Town Dan Simner, Bright Golden Haze
Maidstone United Brian Reed, SMTWTGH
Manchester United Barney Chilton, Red News
QPR Dave Thomas, A Kick Up The R’s
Sunderland Martyn Mcfadden, A Love Supreme
Tottenham Hotspur Oxfordspur, Vital Spurs

Congrats also to other Vital writers for their nominations in ‘Best Writer’ category. Jack Gaughan – Vital Blackpool, Dave Jennings – Vital Bournemouth, Mehzeb Chowdhury – Vital Newcastle, Chix – Vital Pompey and OxfordSpur – Vital Spurs.

Proud of all of you, top job fella’s!

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19 Replies to “Vital Villa and JF Shortlisted For Awards”

  • Personally I would have given the award to Glensider but I suppose I will vote for Jonathan Fear when the ballot paper arrives.

  • Ha, he’s a writer, not an editor. Oh col8, you really do need to get a grip and just agree I’M BRILLIANT….! :o)

  • Sounds good, what’s the address? Anything is better than this godforsaken hovel of a site. That Fear chap loves himself though, doesn’t he!!

  • He’s going for the sympathy vote now. Is there nothing he won’t stoop to to win this award?

  • JP Fear is one very special, highly talented, and damn good looking individual. My life was incomplete until he crossed my path. He is everything I hope to aspire to, when I reach his age.

  • Must be earning too much money off this site to pay off all those judges. Seriously though, the nomination is belittled by the inclusion of the Spuz site chief.

  • Many congratulations JP – Vital has sure come on leaps and bounds and the number of finalists it testament to that. Shame I didn’t make it but Vital Pompey is there.

  • I was just wondering if you wanted to start looking for a new editor for the Spurs site now Cos Spurs are comin’ to get ya!!! 😉 Seriously congratulations to all the Vital nominees all very well deserved. As for Villan444, I didnt know you cared…

  • I like the fact the editors include some big clubs and Halesowen Town, didnt realise they had much of a following! Good to see them mixing it up with the ‘big boys’

  • Wouldn’t have cared if we weren’t playing you guys at the weekend oxfordspur, a bit early with the banter but I am surrounded by spurs fans this week ;-D

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