Date: 6th May 2009 at 6:00pm
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Aston Villa have today confirmed that they will be entering the re-branded Europa Cup at the ‘playoff stage.’

Now strangely missing from the official site front-page, replaced by Jack Woodward’s ‘blog’ about Tom Hanks, it was announced that courtesy of Everton’s FA Cup appearance, we are now confirmed for the play-off stage.

When is a ‘play-off’ ahead of a group stage not a qualifier? Answers on a postcard to Mr Platini I think!

Villa will face a two-legged affair in August (20th and 27th.) Martin O’Neill will find out just who we will be up against on the 7th of Aug.

Europe here we come, again.


14 Replies to “Vital Villa: Europa Cup News”

  • Let’s wait for all the cracks about MON and the Europa cup from the guys – we know who they are. Waiting with baited breath – NOT.

  • The fact that this competition has been ‘rebranded’ proves that no one took the old Uefa cup seriously. Nor will they the Europa Cup. The Champs League is the only game in town. Everything else is for losers.

  • “This” competition isn’t the only one that has gone through rebranding. the vaunted Champioins League used to be the European Cup. I’m pretty sure that was and is still taken seriously, we all want our team to be playing in it.
    Division one/Premier League, we all wanted to be in both.
    Europa Cup is where we can learn to walk before we run (to the Champions League!!)

  • Agreed Charizma, think how we would be humiliated in the CL next year if we’d kept 4th. I reckon that old saw “Softly, softly, catchee monkey” springs to mind.

    But hey, it’s fun supporting Villa!!

  • Yeah, Charizma Europa walking, CL running. Remember Mourinho’s Porto, Uefa Cup one year, then CL winners the next, it IS possible. NOt saying we’ll do the same, but it does illustrate the use of the Uefa/Europa as a primer for the CL.

  • If we only had the Champions league via UEFA, some very big clubs who missed the CL boat would not have a European game in their season. We are spoilt in the strong EPL, but UEFA have this second string cup competition, to stop clubs starting their own challenge pre season cups. (such as the Emirates Cup)
    If you don`t like it, don`t go to a European game. simples

  • I think the important thing is that O’Neill goes and gets some more players so we can compete in more than the league. Top 4 would be nice, but a cup would be nicer!!

  • Not with the American connection, Distin and Owen are past it. Can’t see Everton or Spuz selling anyone who’s affordable/not a rip off. We don’t buy non-British and will be bargain basement shopping for whoever gets relegated.

  • Everton will also go into the play off round. The only teams going straight into the group stages are the previous season’s winners plus 10 teams eliminated from the CL. Total of 74 teams in play offs. 37 go through to make 48 in total. 12 groups of 4. Top two in each group go forward, joined by 8 3rd placed CL teams. Straight knock out from there on. There are three qualifying rounds before the play off round, starting on 2 July. We will start on 20 August. Clear as mud eh?

  • It really annoys me that CL teams get 2 bites at the cherry – why should they get a crack at Europa if they get dumped out of the CL….that’s another area that global finance in the game is too heavily weighted towards the ‘bigger clubs’, and why it’s always going to be so hard to play catch up….

  • Totally agree Yatesy, its not fair on the sides who have to go through the qualif……i mean play offs!!! Cheers chocolate teapot for the insight, I have been wracking my brains as to how it is going to work, as you say clear as mud, but at least I have better understanding of it now.

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