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CYPRUSDAVE is next for the Vital Villa interview.

CYPRUSDAVE is next for the Vital Villa interview.

1) When did you become a Villa fan and why?

I was born into a Villa family, in a house in Small Heath. My dad took me to see Villa (and occasionally Blues) from an early age, he would smuggle me into games under his coat. When we were evicted from that house we were rehoused by Birmingham Council into Phillips Street in Aston….. Heaven!!!! Still have a programme from a 1960 Villa – Blues match…… 6-2

2) Paul Lambert? Your opinion please?

I have lived in Norwich for most of the last ten years and I was with a Norwich fan just after they were beaten at home by Colchester 7-1. Norwich got Paul Lambert from them and the rest is history. I have seen their team improve year on year with little expenditure. Paul Lambert was instrumental in their rise to the Premiership. His skills are in getting players from a lower league and motivating them to achieve their maximum. He is a superb man manager and a strict disciplinarian.Anyone who does not try or goes astray will be out. Is he the right man for us…. TOTALLY

3) Best and worst moments of last season?

Apart from the obvious concerning the appointment and sacking of McLeish and the illness of Stan, The worst…. I was travelling back from Birmingham to Norwich and wanted to see the Villa on TV against Spurs at White Hart Lane. I eventually found a pub with a TV in Huntingdon, got myself a Guinness and then saw the team selection. Two right backs AND Heskey!!! It was just too much, I watched 10 minutes and left. That was a really miserable ride home, we were on the slide and even at that stage relegation was a possibility.

The best…..The match against Norwich at Carrow Road. My solicitor had given me his season ticket, his seat was in the Norwich Directors box and I was very close to the dug out. Seeing McLeish sitting in the dug out for large periods of the game and having no response from anyone other than the Villa fans….. he was actually going, no doubt, anyone, everyone could see he was a dead man walking. Had a few drinks that night!

4) Your opinion of Randy Lerner and the board, can a decent season next season make up for last season?

As someone who was actively involved in the Doug Out protest I was delighted when Mr Ellis left and Randy was appointed. Randy, with little or no football knowledge, was lucky to have MON as his first manager. Unfortunately there appears to have been no hand on the shoulder and MON’s spending knew no bounds. Whilst this should have been better controlled by someone within Villa, Randy takes the responsibility. Two stupid managerial appointments and things were not looking good for Randy. With the appointment of Paul Lambert hopefully things have changed for the better. The next two-three seasons can
make up for everything… There is no doubt in my mind that Randy has improved most aspects at Villa Park, he just needs to wise up in the managerial appointments.

And NOT ask SAF about anything Villa.

5) Which player/s should Villa sign this summer?

No idea, if you have a decent manager leave it up to him

6) Which player/s should Villa get rid of this summer?

Keep them all until Lambert has seen them at close hand, or unless someone comes in with silly money

7) Favourite current player?

Gabby. Great under MON until Heskey came. Two poor seasons under two duff managers.

8) Favourite all time player/s?

Too many to mention, but, if I may, my all time Villa team is Nigel Spink. Stan the Wham Lynn, Paul McGrath,Ken McNaught, Charlie Aitken, Des Bremner, Johnny Dixon, Sid Cowans, Peter McParland, Andy Boot Boy Lochhead, Brian Little. Subs.Peter Schmeichel, John Gidman, Olaf Melberg, Eamon Darcy, Denis Mortimer, Gareth Barry, The Doog, Manager; Ron Saunders

9) What do you expect us to do/finish this season assuming a decent transfer window with £25m or so spent?

Premier 6th to 10th
FA cup Have a chance
Carling Have a chance

10) You can ask yourself any question you want to about Villa and what is your answer?

I have a question which I cannot answer but hope someone can for me. In 1966, I travelled to France, Amsterdam and Nuremburg to see Villa play three friendlies in Europe. Has anyone an earlier recollection of travelling to see Villa in Europe before then?

11) Just to change the theme slightly, a snap shot of you outside of football, answer or ignore at your leisure:
(based on our WHO ARE YOU thread!!!)

a) Which celebrity/s would you most like to meet and why? Ron Saunders so that I could personally thank him for the best Villa times ever. Martin O Neill to ask him one question. When you had got Villa to second in the table, had a chairman who was giving you money and could buy almost any forward to improve our position further, WHY did you buy Heskey? WHY WHY WHY????

b) Age 65

c) Location: Currently Norwich, but recently Cyprus

d) Favourite alcoholic drink: Guinness

e) Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Water

f) Favourite Film/s: Schindlers List

g) Favourite TV Show/s: MOTD when Villa are on

h) Music?: Stones, Snow Patrol, Lady Antebellum, REM, Coldplay, The Big ‘O’, Bee Gees, ABBA, Beatles, Roxy Music

i) Best ever moment in your life: Winning the league under Ron Saunders and watching the European Final…magic

j) Ambitions: Seeing Villa achieve something again

k) Wise words: ‘Just do it’.

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  • The Stones… adore them Dave…!

    As TuBBz would say, quoted for truth: “And NOT ask SAF about anything Villa.”

  • Great interview, really enjoyed reading that. Wish I’d seen Johnny Dixon play but just missed him. Good to see the positive views regarding Lambert who clearly knows the Norwich story better than most of us and has the Villa interests at heart. Agree with

  • Yes, a really good read and as said, good to get an insight on PL and loved the McLeish bit… I’d loved to of been there to see him….Lol

  • And so my fellow Villans, ask not what you can do for ‘Sir’ Alex Chewalot…ask what ‘Sir’ Alex Chewalot can do for you!

  • Kudos, CD for your pioneering Forays into Europe in the 60’s. would love to hear more about them. These are the kind of stories that need to be recorded for posterity before they are lost forever. (I hope you still have a good few years in you CD). And

  • Gordonleftboot Bruce until recently lived about 5 miles from me. I met him several times in a gym in Norwich. The first time. I was in my

  • Sorry, twitched…. I was in my Villa strip and he asked me if I knew who he was. I said that I did and I remembered when he was transferred to Villa with his brother, Neil. I told him I could do better than that and produced out of my hold all the book a

  • The best interview. Thankyou. Going to read it again. Thankyou. Yes ofcourse Bruce rioch. Remember when I first met him looking at his feet to see if they were different to anyone else’s as he could hit the ball so hard!! Take note fear, for next year ‘ n

  • Maybe VV or WSC could print the Sports Argus piece? There was a Golden Age of European club football that lasted up until Heysel and whose legacy was all but erased by the Champions League. Fans memories — British and otherwise — are in danger of bein

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