Date: 14th October 2015 at 10:11am
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With the media heavily having manager Tim Sherwood as a ‘will he stay or will he go’ candidate at the moment and constantly linking people like Brendan Rodgers and David Moyes to the job without even going to the effort of trying to claim a ‘source close to’ said person in question indicated they even had an interest for proof of the wibblings at the moment, one thing is for certain – it hasn’t been the start to the year anybody wanted and the press is dominated by headlines that nobody wanted to see again.

With the blame game using spin the bottle to point its neck at anybody but Sherwood for our summer signings at the minute to create content – despite his very own words on the people we signed and his interest in them – (and every paper supplying different lists for who Sherwood actually wanted) it’s a case of Crossroads and spin down at and surrounding B6 once more and for the media, it’s even more convoluted by their own design and tops the ‘who turned the spinklers off’ at Bodymoor under Doug Ellis and David O’Leary – for anybody who remembers that particular joke.

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Our poll, which we left for a good while in order to get more votes for a clearer picture said:

Tim Sherwood?

It will all click and be fine 7%
Not going to work out 49%
Give him til end Nov then look again 24%
Give him til end of Dec then look again 5%
No idea anymore, Villa confuse me! 15%

So there we have it, the majority aren’t sold (much like Villa) and the next best majority are however prepared to give him some time – which with so many new signings and his own freshness to the job in reality is hardly an illogical shout.

Fans can argue about whether Sherwood ‘signed’ the players himself – the press make so much up and can’t even agree with themselves and presumably they have largely invented the ‘same source’ if they don’t have one. So we might as well, arguably we know as much or as little as they do and we can also debate the system, whether we have any tactics and squad selections – one thing that can’t be debated is signings take time to settle.

Some slot right in, many others don’t. To gel a side it does take time.

Again – we’ve seen flashes of performances from individuals and the playing eleven but it’s been few and far between and people can even argue about Rudy Gestede’s overall contribution but the goal threat speaks for itself and people used to love John Carew until it came to winter.

Whether there is a managerial change or not, the side won’t click any faster in reality – a different gaffer would just get a different bounce from one group of players compared to the others.

The way forward though has to be to see a vision from Sherwood, less excuses and blame in the press himself after results, and some kind of plan coming to the fore on the pitch.

Will it work?

I’m not the person to ask, but if – and Paul Lambert ably showed this – if the vast majority see something coming together and progress then they will go with it and have hope and provide the leeway. Lambert couldn’t find the consistency and we saw a flash every 12 games and the leeway ran out.

Time will tell if Sherwood can mold our moments into 90 minutes week in, week out or not but that leeway won’t last long when many feel they see no plan, only brief flashes of improvement and then seeing those players who shone dropped for the very next game whilst serial underperformers continue receiving their match bonuses.

If that continues, what we have now will only get worse and what we have at the moment is another media fueled circus based on pathetic results and a club drifting and seemingly in confusion with nobody capable of pointing the rudder in the right direction.

Or even maybe realising it’s stuck pointing in the wrong direction?

It’s somebody else’s fault.

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