Date: 10th May 2007 at 12:55pm
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Player of the season award.

The main poll for our end of season awards is now live.

We are asking for votes for our player of the season.

Other polls already completed for the awards are:

Best Martin O’Neill purchase.
Most improved player of the season.
Young player of the season.
Best off field achievement.
Best beard.

Only one as far as I’m concerned, our captain Gareth Barry. What say you?!


14 Replies to “Vital Villa Player Of The Season”

  • Surely Barry’s a shoe-in. The man’s a legend. And to think, Gregory didn’t play him for half a season because it would have been his 50th appearance and we’d have to pay Brighton 50k!

  • Nothing original from me I’m afraid. Has to be Gareth. I cant even say that any other player has come close, although several have enjoyed pretty decent campaigns.

  • with out a doubt its GB kick that tw*t downing out of the england squad that position is GB’s

  • Left back. Left midfield. Centre midfield. He has been tremendous in all positions. And therein lies a problem for Gareth. M’ON wants pace and trickery on the wings and that has meant Gareth moving inside. He is strong as an ox and it maybe that centre midfield is his best role but I am not sure that will improve his England opportunities. I think Gareth may actually miss out because he is too good in to many positions.

  • We have had some great performances from so may players recently but it has to be GB overall. he is the one player none of us ever seem to complain about when we are having a whinge when things aren’t going too well. I think he can only get better too when, hopefully, he has more quality around him in the coming seasons.

  • Voice – Nearly posted the same thing the other day. The trickery you allude to on the wings is not Gareth’s style as you point out. I think McClaren wants this trickery as well that’s why Downing is prefered. At left back he is behind Cole & Bridge but worth a shout in front of the Nevilles and Carragher. No co-incidence that our fortunes have improved with Barry going into the centre and Gabby playing in his natural position. But there lies a dilemma for MON. He won’t drop Petrov so do we need a new central mid player? Interesting summer! UTV

  • i fail to see where downing’s ‘trickery’ is. he just gets the ball and crosses it. barry has far more trickery. just because he’s versatile doesn’t mean he’s not better than downing out wide. i think barry’s main problem regarding england is that mcclaren is stubborn and will pick downing regardless of how well he plays, largely because he worked with him at ‘boro. it was a disgrace when the useless phil neville played at left-back instead of barry against spain – neville is deemed to be ‘versatile’ and i agree – he is rubbish in any position.

  • I’d actually like to see Barry play alongside Gerard in the centre mid for England. Kick lumpard to the bench because quite honestly he is a good club player but not an international. Why does evryone think of Barry as a left winger/mid when his game is a more cultured affair instead of the head down run at um’ style that Cornet Head seems to appreciate.
    I have always thought of him as a central midfielder right from his centre back days – its just taken six years and four managers to come to this conclusion. MON may keep him there now, especially for the away games. Is it possible to accomodate Barry in the centre midfield role if Villa revert to a 3-5-2 formation? Just food for thought.

  • Voice, If Barry is too good in too many possies, then why should he miss out on a central midfeild role for England? As far as I am concerned he much better than Lumpard as he never goes missing in action. All Barry needs is an England manager with commomsence and integrity to drop Lampard to the bench.

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