Date: 1st September 2007 at 1:51pm
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Vital Villa asked what you thought the result would be in the Villa v Chelsea match on Sunday.

Looks like some have optimism as 47% have predicted a win. 34% opted for what seems like the habitual Chelsea draw and just 19% think the might claret and blues are in for a loss.

Our latest poll, suggested by Lion82, asks what you thought of the transfer window. After that, we’ll move on from talking about transfers hopefully!


10 Replies to “Vital Villa Poll Predicts Villa Win!”

  • How come a poll on hear prdicts a win, yet most other posts reckon MON is crap and our squad is average at the best ????? Chelsea are beatable, not often, but stranger things have happened, I go to Villa Park to support the team to a win, so lets hope the recent signs of what we can do, happens tomorrow for longer and that they step up to the challenge of a very talented opponent. we have the talent, lets hope three points of the big boys can push our season forward at a bit of pace. Mmmmmm the chicken balti pies are awesome aswell, can’t be bad.

  • you never know….us on a good day them on a bad one etc……..i’m with you astonmilan…..chicken balti pies for sunday dinner mmmmmmm……..shame i’ve got to swill it down with carlsberg though and not carling…..where has the carling gone….can we start a campaign to get carling back?…keep the faith

  • imavillan…the bottled Carlsberg is twice as good as the draught….but only half as good as the Carling… Milan, I get a glass bottle of becks and a lasagne for three euro’s….lets start a campaign for this instead…

  • I’ll cheer em on, if defence is good and lampard is out we COULD maybe win, but draw would do, we’d be ahead of the heath

  • astonmilan raises a good point. If we are as bad as some supporters would have us believe, why were we so confident in our predictions?

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