Date: 23rd March 2018 at 3:13pm
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Don’t worry, Vital Villa is still here! I know I’ve broken some Villa fans hearts in recent days not posting my wisdom in articles.  I can but apologise! 

However, I’ve not been idling away my time looking at our upcoming fixtures, stressing about the last two games or hiding away from the prospect of the potential lottery of the play-offs.

So, where have I been?

I’ve been putting the final touches to a total re-brand of Vital Villa, both on the front page and in the Lovely new forums*

I should perhaps credit others with the hard work, but as you know, it if isn’t about me, I’m not interested. So if you like our new look, praise me. If you don’t, I’ll send any complaints to the people who really did the work!

It is still evolving, but very quickly now. We hope that all can see the new formats and agree, we have a lovely, modern, fresh look.

And the forum, well. It is just a joy to use.

The main index:

100% Villa where we talk about… well, you can probably work that out: 100% Villa Here*

Witton Lane is our off topic section where all sorts of madness is discussed: Witton Lane/Off Topic here*

It’s very easy and quick to sign up and join in.  Just press the Register button and hey presto.  Any problems, email (any problems registering that is, we can’t help with marital problems, car breakdowns or indeed, very much at all!)

You should also be able to login using facebook or twitter credentials, something we’ve not done in the forums before.

For article comments, you’ll need to do a very quick register for the match-chat function and then you can share your wisdom with us as before, in article comments.

Looks like Jack and Uncle Albert approve!

Feels like a breath of fresh air around here, soon the whole network will have this lovely new set up.

Onward and upward for Vital Football, still going strong after all these years. Thanks for your custom on Vital Villa, I look forward to enjoying your company for many more years. Mike Field and myself have been doing this for around 17 years now.

I think I need to get out more!