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Vital Villa Summer 2011 Interviews: kefkat

Vital Villa Summer 2011 Interviews: kefkat

How do you do one I hear you cry? Click here and find out! YOUR TURN: The Vital Villa Interviews..

1/ When did you become a Villa fan and why?

I am 4th generation Villa, on my maternal side. My Great Grandfather started the history of this Villa supporting family from when football started. Villa have been the team through him, then my Grandparents generation, my Mom’s generation to mine and 2 of my youngsters are AVFC. Born in my blood and spoonfed Villa and football.

2/ Alex McCleish? Your opinion please?

I was stunned at the beginning however like the majority now I have settled down. I am behind him all the way. He is a brave man with guts and nerves of steel to cross the city and we need that at Villa. He won’t tolerate any prima dona behaviour and messing either which is good. I think he will be a good stabling force and he will work well with RL. He is used to running a tight/sinking ship on minumal money so being at Villa will be a breath of fresh air to him. Those who bang on about him taking B’ham down last season need to remember how tight last season was and that he did manage to bring the scum their first cup since the year dot! Yes I think he will be good for us though he also needs to be given crowd backing as well. Sick of the boo boys at VP. If you can’t say anything decent keep your mouth shut especially when you are on the terraces. I think RL made a good canny move.

3/ Best and worst moments of last season?

Best: Buying Bent. Beating Liverpool and Arsenal and the relief of knowing we were safe from relegation. Lerner jumping on Faulkner. Oh and Blues getting relegated. Worst: O’Neill walking out 5 days before season start, though I think now he did us a favor in the long run. The thumping by Newcastle, losing to The Blues and The Blues winning The Carling Cup

4/ Your opinion on Randy Lerner?

Love him! We have the best chariman in the prem. He has invested in Villa. We are financially stable. To those of you who say what about the debt?. Business doesn’t work like that. It’s his debt, not others, and debt is moved around for tax purposes and various. He has spent in areas of the club which wouldn’t have been expected. He has given to the fans, remember him paying for the coaches at Chelsea and the meal after O’Neill f up in Europe. He didn’t have to do any of that.. He loves The Villa that is clear. I wouldn’t want an Arab: to treat our club as a toy and discard when bored. The genuine City supporters are cringing at what is happening at M City btw. I know a few. He is also a business man so he does want whats best for Villa. He isn’t with Villa to lose money and see us relegated as many screech. I was bought up in a different era of football, being a 70’s teen and have been fortunate to see the game in another era when football was very different to now. I think RL still holds those values of not risking financial instability which can also bring the club problems. Even in the past 5 years the game has changed alot especially financially and I think he doing alright. I was shocked as most were at his appointment of EcK however now I have settled down I think it was a canny move on his part. I remember the fuss when Saunders came to The Villa as the fans wanted Cloughie! We were wrong then and I am happy to be wrong now. I think Rl made a wise choice. Just because we are fans doesn’t mean we are always right. He has to let his head rule his heart. Us fans let our hearts to much rule our head at times.

5/ Which players should Villa sign this summer?.

Well given the fact we are only suposed to be signing one more make it N’Zobia from Wigan

6/ Should we have made Downing play out his contract or was getting shut of him the right thing to do?

Getting shut of the Judas traitor was the right thing to do! I don’t want anyone at Villa Park who isn’t their for the cause. Liverpool are welcome to him and probably we can watch his career go down the pan fairly quickly as alot of others have that have left Villa Park for a ”bigger” stage: i.e York Bosnich Southgate Eghiog Boatening Barry Milner the last 2 being in a rotation now, Young well we will see as there is alot of Utd supporters who don’t want him their.

7/ My favourite current player?. Gabby

8/ My favourite all time player/s ? Peter Withe Andy Gray Bri Little Deehan ‘Sid’ Cowans John Gregory Cropley Chris Nicholl Deano Saunders Andy Towsend (Yorkie Bosnich when they were at Villa ;o )) McGrath Gabby Freidel and the list could go on….

9/ What do you expect us to do this season/

Prem: 7th, fingers crossed
FA cup: quarter finals
Carling Cup: Final, fingers crossed

10th/ Ask any question and answer?

What do I think to the media circus around Villa Park when we were looking for a new manager?

The media don’t do anyone much favors and certainly not Villa. We don’t fit in to their neat little North South divide. They dislike us as we have never done our bussiness in the media. They used the manager situation to whip up a frenzy of emotion among the fans and caused chaos and alot fell for it and the media loved it.

11/ Lower the tone- which celebraty would you like to bang and which celebraty would you like to thump?

I am happily married so no answer to the first one besides I am female so i can imagine the groans of what who, typical woman 😮 )

Who would I like to thump? Oh that would be FSW, if you can call him a celebraty. I hated that guy and still do way before Barrygate. My Hub supports Liverpool so he certainly got it in the neck on him so I expect my hub would do the thumping for me. My 2 brother in laws avoided me all summer of Barrygate. Honestly!

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  • Have to say, in your answer to Q6, Yorkie actually did move on to greener pastures – League titles, Champ Lge, etc. But as for the others, couldn’t agree more! I mean, Middlesbrough? Really?

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