Date: 3rd July 2009 at 12:54pm
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Vital Villa welcome Mike Field to our Vital Football network full time following the demise of the Rivals Villa site.

Mike and I go back a long long long way, I first cut my teeth on his Holteenders site on the platform.

Vital seem to be attracting former Rivals members and editors at the moment and Vital Villa have certainly profited now that Mike is with us all the time!

(He paid me to say all that)

Join Vital Villa.

With news and views regarding everything at Villa Park, along with a message forum, everything you need in a fans site is right here!

You can even win prizes, by posting articles comments, posting on the message forum and voting on the on-line polls.

Vital Villa is also 100% interactive. Not only can you have your say on the articles and the forum but you can also suggest an article or a poll and your suggestions will always be published (as long as they are not offensive or libellous!)

So why not join Vital Villa today!

It’s easy to register for Vital Villa, simply click the link and enjoy getting involved

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Get involved

This website is your website and we are looking for people to contribute. Do you go to most of the games and have an opinion? Why not write a match report, full team or reserves, especially away games as I don’t get to many of them!? Or have your say on any issue you wish Villa related. Perhaps you are a budding journalist or even just someone who is very opinionated? Well why not join our team? If this interests you please contact Vital Villa.

Vital Villa is now available on both facebook and twitter, so if you are that way inclined and more importantly understand all this new fangled dangled stuff, feel free to watch us, poke us or whatever else you are meant to do there!


Facebook already has over 640 followers (I assume this link will work!): Vital Villa – Facebook


21 Replies to “Vital Villa Welcomes Former Rivals Ed MF”

  • If only it was the first stage of Sky collapsing and taking the inflated hype version of football with it, hey? Didn’t Rivals start going tits-up straight after a re-design…? :-O

  • I think most would agree with the first sentiment Neil. Nice try though 🙂 Rivals was going tits up in 2002, unfortunately for Rivals successive owners never did what it could’ve become again justice in my opinion of course.

  • Are far as I’m aware it’s only Rivals that was culled, the other sites Sky brought are still operating and presumably will continue to do so 365, Teamtalk etc etc

  • Yes, he does. Mainly because he sat on a copy of the Birmingham Mail and literally has “inside transfer news”!

  • Gordon, I suppose this makes me the first Villa signing of the summer (ignoring the far more talented young lad from Arsenal obviously). Oi Baker, you trying to say I talk…….

  • The ladies might argue with you there Neil, that said I should have it in the bag again now Melly is no more. Ian, I’ve smartened up lately, I’ve started wearing clothes, still not shaving though. And if I’m a recluse where exactly should I let msyelf go?

  • we did a book comp recently lee, you also have the greatest prize of all, you get to see my ugly mug every now and then and buy me a pint! To be fair we are still pursuing sponsorship for the members league, so at the moment we just give some cash out to the overall winner each month, need to get some decent sponsorship so we can really push it and give out top prizees for contributing on the network.

  • you can also suggest an article or a poll and your suggestions will always be published (as long as they are not offensive or libellous!) none of mine have 😉

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