Date: 17th June 2009 at 10:44am
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The Future’s Bright takes the Vital Villan interview.

The Future’s Bright takes the Vital Villan interview:

1) When did you become a Villa fan and why?

When i was about 6 years old, my dad (a Leeds fan) didn’t try and force his team on me and i didn’t wanna just follow the trend of the time and like most Irish kids support Liverpool or Man Utd cos their fathers/brothers did or cos they were winning. At such a young age I only knew a handful of players mot of which were Irish internationals and Villa at the time had quite a few of them including Townsend and Houghton (who as a kid I was a very similar style player as) my Second favourite player Steve Staunton (please everyone erase his frey into management from your minds) and of course my favourite player and the man whose name alone could have been a legit answer to this question for me…. Paul ‘God’ McGrath.

2) Best moment/moments as a Villa fan?

hard to pick just one but what really stands out for me is the first time my dad went to Villa park with me. Villa vs his old side Leeds. Before the game he started trying to make fun of Benito Carbone and his hairband etc saying and i quote ‘you wont get anywhere with a lil girl like him on your team’… of course Carbone score a hattrik and Villa won 3-2!

3) Worst moment/moments as a Villa fan?

I don’t really wanna go back through all the worst Villa memories I’ve got in my head, so here’s a fresh one. After a night out in London with my housemate (a Liverpool fan) where we had far too many Jagerbombs I found us a stream we could watch the Villa/Liverpool game on. Villa go 5-0 down and whoever is running the stream replaces the audio with you’ll never walk alone and I puke up all over our front room…. that was not a good day, and the slaggings were endless.

4) Best and worst away ground visited?

Best – Anfield, not really the greatest but I had a great day and was only like 12 at the time
Worst – Upton Park, I lived till a week ago around the corner from Upton Park…complete hole and there were fights after.

5) What did you think of last season? Good, bad or indifferent and do you think we progressed?

It was good, id imagine many would be slightly negative as its easier to focus on our end of season than overall. But we got a much more secure top 6 spot this yea with a higher points tally than last year while playing in more games in the domestic cups and for the first year for a while playing continental games again. That sounds like progress to me this all despite having added competition from the new richest team in the world amongst others.

6) Which player/s should Villa sign this summer? And do you think Villa will spend enough this summer to progress?

Well it looks like Bentley will be signed but I wont say him as that would be too easy. To put it simply our replacements for Laursen/Barry are the most important signings. At The end of the season I wanted/predicted Defour & Vermaelen but now it seems Vermaelen is Arsenal bound. Defour however cold still be a good shout. I would also like to see Delph signed as I see big things from him in the future but dunno would he we signed if we also signed Delph and Bentley. Naughton from Sheff utd would also be ideal as he can cover both RB & LB but maybe we haven’t acted fast enough. Dunno if we should sign him suppose on a pay as you play id advocate it) but I could also see Owen joining up. Will we spend enough to progress is a toughie though, I think we will progress but maybe not positionally as Man City have to be the favourites to help form a big 5 who fight over 4 spots not us not Everton and not Spurs but i do think we will stay as arguably the best team outside that group and all round improve despite maybe staying in 6th.

7) What do you expect next season?

Premier League: 6th
FA Cup: dependant on who we draw quarters min
Europa League: same as the FA Cup
Carling Cup: same as the FA cup

8) Your opinion on Martin O’Neill now he is approaching his 4th season in charge?

I think MON is the best manager Aston Villa could probably have atm and that is doing a good job, he is no messiah but he is better than the naysayers like to let on.

9) Your opinion on Randy Lerner and his board?

An example for other chairmen to follow, to put it simply since he has taken over he has been the perfect chairman from what we’ve seen

10) Favourite current player?

This is a toughie, I think A.Young is straight up our best player, I think L.Young is our most consistent player and I think C.Davies has huge potential that he can fulfill but my favourite currently has to be Big John Carew, the man is a beast.

11) Favourite former player/s?

Paul McGrath, I could name many others but none are on his level.

12) What did you make of the Gareth Barry exit?

It was time for Villa and Barry to part ways, he was a good servant for many years but he wanted out and imo especially when you consider that everyone knew his contract situation we got a great price for him. We also got the deal done early and without a transfer saga like last year saving ourselves a nice wad of cash on Summer wages too.

13) Right, lets lower the tone… which celebrity would you most like to bang?!

if i put thought into this one i might give a different answer but having just re-watched some 24 i cant get the girl next door Elisha Cuthbert outa my mind whilst reading this question.

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