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It is new member (but old mate, and I do mean Oooooold!) 50 Years A Villan’s turn on the Vital Villan Interviews..

It is new member (but old mate, and I do mean Oooooold!) 50 Years A Villan’s turn on the Vital Villan Interviews..

1 – How long have you been a Villa fan and how did you first get the Claret & Blue faith?

I first stepped inside villa park in 1958 we were playing Everton we lost 2-4. My elder brother was with me and we stood on the Holte end. There was no cover in those days and i got a right soaking. but it didnt matter my love affair with AVFC had started.

2 – What was your first game?

I suppose it would have to be Everton in 1958 but my first solo visit to villa park was a year later when we played Pompey and won 5-2. Going there on my own i felt so grown up but i was only 9 years old, and yes it cost me 6d to go on the Holte,a programme was 3d. I think Gerry Hitchens my hero at that time would have been on £20 per week.

3 – What is your most memorable moment as a Villa fan?

Proposing to my girl friend at the final whistle of the 1977 League cup Final 2nd replay at Old Trafford. We won 3-2 and Brian Little had scored the winner in stoppage time of extra time.

4 – And the worst moment?

She said yes. And 31 years later i am still paying for my moment of weakness.

5 – Who are your favourite current Villa players?

Martin Laursen a legend in the making.

6 – Which former player/s are your ultimate heroes?

Gerry Hitchens (RIP) Charlie Aitken Denis Mortimer Tony Morley Sid Cowans Paul McGrath and Dwight Yorke . There are so many great players who have graced Villa Park its a difficult question to answer

7 – Which player do you think was the worst to ever put on the team colours?

Ivo Stas 1990-91 any one in Vital Villa land remember him?

Signed by DR Joe Venglos never kicked a ball for the first team.

8 – What is the best goal you have seen Villa score and which is your favourite game?

There can only be one Peter Withe Rotterdam 1982.

9 – Best away ground visited?

Bodymoor Heath.( Well it is 9 mile from VP)

10 – Who would you like to see Villa sign this summer?

Any one who will give 100% to the cause and isn’t a mercenary and is proud to play for the shirt.

11 – What are your predictions for us this season in the:
a) League
Top six
b) Europe would love to win it. wouldn’t that be a wonderful achievement.
c) Carling Cup winners
d) Fa Cup just a decent run for a change.

12 – What is your opinion of Martin O’Neill?

Great manager best we have had since Ron Saunders, just wish he would be more positive when it comes to transfer window time.

13 – What is your opinion of Randy Lerner and the new board?

Where were you in 1968? My god how we have missed you. I am glad you have finally arrived and rescued us from the hands of Deadly Doug. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.We love you.

14 – Where do you sit at Villa and are you a season ticket holder?

Row 1 Seat 108 Block K4 Upper Holte. Come and say hello Your more than welcome. Have been a season ticket holder on and off (finances permitting ) for a very long time.

15 – And finally if you could invite 4 people connected to Villa, living or dead, to a dinner party, who would they be? And you can add one bit of top totty as well to make the party go with a ‘bang’ ;o)

Johnny Dixon Charlie Aitken Macca and Ron Saunders. No time for women to busy talking Villa.

With thanks to 50 years a Villan and don’t believe the ‘no time for women’ part, what he means is his wife reads this and he has no time to nurse a black eye right now!

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18 Replies to “Vital Villan Interviews: 50 Years A Villan”

  • Very good read , who are you? My uncle told me Gerry Hitchens was the best he’d seen in a Villa shirt.

  • Villan 57 Gerry hitchens was a goal scorer of the highest quality.
    Records show he scored 96 goals in 160 appearances he would be worth a fortune today. he left us to go to Inter Milan for £90,000 a hell of a lot of money in those days. i idolised him.

  • Ian Symes dont you remember me i was the one who held your hand when you first came to Villa Park, took you to wembley, bought you a seaon ticket, a replica shirt and watched you cry when we beat Bolton in the F.A cup semi Final. IM your DAD. Bloody Kids

  • 50 years a Villan eh? Beats me by four. Are you as old, decrepid, worn out, and as grey, over supporting this great club of ours as yours truly?

  • No respect eh 50 years, that said, you know what they say, be nice to your kids, they are the ones who will be choosing the retirement home!!!!!!!!!! :o)

  • Glensider you claim to be a month younger than me , you must have a hell of a memory if you can remember being 4 ! I think you lied on the birth certificate!
    50 years a Villan about time you joined in with the forums , we could do with a few more of us o

  • Villan 57 i spend a lot of time away from home working and i have no access to the internet except when i am at home. would love to spend more time on line.
    Glensider i am old and decrepid am going bald, have grey in my hair, false teeth and a dodgy eye

  • GOING BALD? YOU GIT! You have a perfect head of hair!!!!!!!!!!! That said, not just your eye that is dodgy, some of your jokes are as well!!! :o)

  • Mr Fear next time we meet turn me around 180degees and you will see my solar panel shining brightly in the light. Jokes are poo must admit but you have to have a good laugh it makes you feel better.

  • Great interview mate. My first game at VP was in 58 too, though my memories are vague to say the least. v Blackpool a 1-1 draw with McParland scoring for Villa (I looked it up years later and Stanley Mathews was playing for Blackpool that day). I was a

  • Thanks Jonah its comforting to learn im not the only old fart who visits vital Aston Villa. Do you remember the training ground in Trinity Road? I spent hours there as a young boy. The players got changed at VP and walked the 300 yards to the training gro

  • No mate I can’t say I do. Apart from that game in 58 I only went to 1 or 2 others after that (I remember us v Leeds around 65 for instance) but didn’t start going to VP regularly til the 67/68 season after we had been relegated from Div1. Do you remembe

  • Yes remember it well versus Preston i was on the pitch with the other protesters. I also joined the march to Digbeth Civic Hall a couple of weeks later. A rally was held at Digbeth to try and force the board out Harry Parkes was one of the speakers. Durin

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