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Vital Villan Mid Season Interview: Carlosio

Carlosio takes the Vital Villa mid-season interview:

1) When did you become a Villa fan and why?

At the ripe old age of as soon as I was able to comprehend the concept of ‘supporting’ a club. Probably 4 or 5 years old. Villa fan-don is in the family, and I was raised as such.

2) What do you think of this season, do we have the chance to push on or will we slip up like last season?

Pushing on and slipping up are both phrases that I feel are often misused in football, due to how I think they are both quatified. Would finishing 6th be counted as ‘slipping up’? Or indeed failing to ‘push on’? Really it doesn’t necessarily have to be seen that way, but that is how the system works I suppose.

I think that of course we have the chance to push on, our points tally up to this point and our results are enough to demonstrate that. To really slip up like last season would be a surprising development given I think that Martin O’Neill is a smart man who is capable of learning from his mistakes. However, I think the most likely course is that we will accomplish neither. We will do well and make mistakes, and end up finishing in that 5th to 7th category that has become so well known.

3) Best moment/s of this season so far?

Old Trafford obviously was an amazing moment, particularly as I had previously never seen us win there. Quite a day, really.

4) Worst moment/moments of this season so far?

Losing to Wigan was horrendously depressing. I was having a fantastic time in Edinburgh and so missed the game, but reading the press the following day had me readying the noose.

The Liverpool game was another. The pit in my gut after the goal happened was reminiscent to me of the moment Stoke equalised last season.

5) Do you expect any arrivals this January (bearing in mind MON has indicated not) and IF you could bring in a player or two, who (realistically) would you go for?

No, I don’t. Certainly not if the squad we already have is kept intact. O’Neill is not transfer happy at the best of times, and January certainly isn’t one of those ‘best of times’, plus you’ve already mentioned his comments.

I’d like to see a striker come in, but I think O’Neill’s reluctance stems from the unused members of the squad that are yet to receive a chance, and so therefore would rather see a foil for our speed machine rather than an obstacle to Delfouneso. I can’t really think of many of them that would be available though, so let’s give RVN a call.

6) Which player/s should Villa sign this summer? And do you think Villa will spend enough this summer to progress?

I honestly don’t know. I think we’re in possession of more than our fair share of team players, it’s the true quality that is required. Moving Milner to the middle has demonstrated the difference a player with a spark can make, and I’d like to see more of that.

However, who do you go for. The whole reason these players make a difference is that they’re rather difficult to get hold of. I couldn’t mention names, but what we need is a Fabregas, or a Torres (these names sound familiar…..), basically a game breaker.

7) If we made the Carling Cup final, who would you most like to face Manchester United or Manchester City?

Manchester United. While there is a certain appeal to beating City to prevent a certain Mr Barry from winning his first silverware (I am aware this sounds incredibly bitter, but it would be rather amusingly ironic) I have a feeling the blue side of Manchester would be rather more focused on the job than their rather more successful counterparts should they make the final, and there’s no denying the incredible amount of talent they have at the club. United may well find themselves in a position where the CC seems like a more attractive proposition when we get to that point, but I can see there being less urgency from one of the biggest clubs in the world given their history then a silverware-starved team with a lot of highly paid, high-profile players

8) What do you expect us to do/finish this season?

Premier League: 5th
FA Cup: QF
Carling Cup: Final (in which I give us every chance)

9) Your opinion on Martin O’Neill now he is mid way through his 4th season in charge?

I think he doesn’t get the credit he deserves for the job he’s done by sections of Villa’s support, and that he is prone to making the right calls when it comes to the big decisions. I still think he is one of the best things that I’ve seen happen to the club, and am willing to accept his deficiencies when taking into account the job he has done.

I don’t agree with all his decisions, but if he gets the results they are his to make.

10) Your opinion on Randy Lerner and his board?

They still haven’t really put a foot wrong. The man is a gent.

11) Favourite current player?

I have two.

Gabriel Agbonlahor – The kid has claret and blue flowing through his veins, and has had to put up with quite a lot of stick in the past. He’s also one of the first to come under fire when things aren’t going well, but still he’ll run and run and run to fight for the team, and always be trying to turn the tide when things aren’t going our way… every time he scores he looks like it’s the greatest day of our lives. How can you not love someone who loves you?

James Milner – Runs 327 million miles a game (it’s true, I measured it), and has probably been our best player over the last calendar year. His transition to the middle has really shown he is a talent, and he’s more than justified what I thought at the time was a rather large fee for a decent but unspectacular player. On top of this, he is a model professional with masses of experience….and he’s 24 years old. He’ll never be considered a great, but he’s an excellent player with a great future.

12) Favourite former player/s?

Paul McGrath and Martin Laursen. Need I say more.

13) Right, lets lower the tone… which celebrity would you most like to bang and which (male I would think) celeb would you most like to thump!?!

Hmm, toughie.

Mila Kunis is currently top of my list. She’s lovely.

And top of that other list would probably be James Corden, but I’m not the violent type, so I’ve already emailed him an angry correspondence. I’m waiting for his riposte, and if he doesn’t send it soon, I will be contacting Points of View.

With thanks to Carlosio

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