Date: 31st July 2012 at 9:56am
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As expected, with the hopeful arrival of Ron Vlaar Villa will now move on James Collins.

It appears from press talk that Collins is going back to West Ham and is due in London today for talks with the Hammers. So, he could be facing us on the first day of the season!

The Times midlands correspondent Peter Lansley on twitter said:

@LansleyTimes Expect #WHU to confirm they’ve agreed a deal for #AVFC’s James Collins shortly

Ron Vlaar meanwhile, according to a twitter from Mirror report James Nursey, is having the second part of his medical today and as I have said, official confirmation could be made by Thursday of the signing.

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22 Replies to “Vlaar In… Collins To West Ham”

  • I don’t think Collins is bad, bad. He’s just not good enough. He doesn’t have the skills that PL is looking for. If he’s on big wages and PL will only use him as a reserve squad player, best he moves on. We need a ball winning centre-half with some composure and short-ball skills.

  • Not that bad, but not that good either. Distribution is pretty woeful, except for the occasional 40yd pass that finds its mark. Has blotted his copy book badly twice, as a senior pro he should have set a better example. Glad to see the back of him. Dunny next through the exit door please, complete waste of money.

  • Collins is the best of the experience centre halves at the club in my opinion. His distribution gets slated but he’s better at distributing the ball than either Dunne or Cuellar (obviously now gone) and showed real promise when he first arrived. Hope Dunne follows him rapidly out of the exit door in fact can’t we just make it a buy one get one free offer.

  • surey there must be some serious medical concerns over Vlaar for the process to be this lengthy. Normally the medicals etc are done in a day not four.

  • According to Wikipedia Vlaar plays for villa and Collins for Wet Spam. Collins isn’t a bad player but he’s from an old era. Lambert will want his own men in and get rid of high wage players with bad attitudes!

  • it isn’t four days, he was only over yesterday for the medical. They aren’t expecting the deal to be announced officially until Thursday but that is probably just as much legal etc stuff.

  • and sometimes off field stuff is just as important as on field and that is why some players exit.

  • Collins was great for throwing his body on the line, and all that sort of hero stuff but after all that he would hoof the ball back to the opposition and he’d have to do it all over again. Maybe he meant it. I would go for Clark and Vlaar as the back 2, but would like to see Dunne kept anyway, as I can’t imagine Vlaar is going to go the season uninjured, and we would be left without any experience.

  • Good 1 down, now for Dunne and Warnock to go! Have I forgotten anyone. Opinion about on the pitch will differ, however I don’t think any of us can
    say they weren’t trouble off the pitch and on ridiculous sized wage cos all 3 were together or apart.
    Bye Collins, leave the key for Dunne and Warnock to exit too.

  • Stephen Jay Hawkings, Why wouldn’t he go the whole season without an injury ? Ok he was out for 2 seasons the one before last with a bad knee injury but since then he played the whole season without picking up an injury. Dunne is by far the more injury prone from recent and I wanted him to go before Collins, Colins is 4 years younger, less injury prone, showed some great promise in pre season that he can actually pass it and has quite a bit more pace than Dunne. For me Collins is going because I think Lambert has clocked on that he is a bad egg amoungst the group attitude wise.

  • Badly needed to split Dunne/Collins partnership, of course it is on the cards that Colluins will sore against us from a corner at Upton park. COTVABU

  • Collins Dunne and Warnock i will be happy to see out the door of Villa, they have caused us trouble and played poor for two season now and event he tail end of MoN’s last season as manager when we got tanked 7-1 by Chelski they were poor so get rid good to see one go now for the rest, oh and Vlaar is a good signing but Lambert needs more money to turn things around here we need some qualtiy aswell as bargains someone to get the fans excited and appetites wet would be the cherry on the cake for me, cmon Randy show Lambo the moneeeeeey UTV!

  • Villa 4 Ever, he seems to have a a bit of a history with injury, maybe it’s all good now, but he can pick up minor injuries like anyone else, and when he does, who’s going to cover him? We have no strength in depth at all, at least Dunne (or another relatively experienced CB), would fill the hole, knowing our luck, we’ll have to go to the Etihad or Old Trafford with Clark and Baker as the CBs, promising youngsters yes, but not enough in that kind of situation.

  • I for one would love to see Clark and Baker get some games together. The last thing we want is another Cahill situation. This makes great sense, as a club we have held on too often to players when we know they will be squad players on big contracts. JC is also pretty injury prone and error prone! Yes he gets in some great blocks but anyone who has seen him and Dunne must agree they are both great for 98% of a match but the 2% they are shocking always leads to easy chances and usually a goal or two… Good business

  • I’m surprised Hutton hasn’t found another team yet. Collins was good when we were doing well but was quick to drop his head and effort when things weren’t so good

  • Hutton and Warnock need to go i think… so who else can we be expecting? i really hope we get a new hungry Striker! is there any truth in the Guidetti rumour?

  • Time to toss our entire defense out (Collins, Dunne, Warnock, and Hutton) and buy some quality, hungry replacements. Vlaar is a good start.

  • Whilst I think we have all become tired with them, Collins, Dunne and Warnock were in the same back four that finished 6th more than once… they all arrived together and were the backbone of those high finishes. It’s all very well wanting a fresh start with players, but sometimes its better the devil you know…

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