Date: 15th March 2007 at 3:19pm
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Voiceoftheholte, voice of reason!

On last nights game he said in response to my match report and comments by a few other fans:

Arsenal are a great footballing team. This isn’t down to having the best players it is down to the training regime installed by Wenger. Having said that Wenger is a genius at spotting and acquiring new talent.

My only gripe about Wenger is that 95% of the players are foreign. There is nothing more exciting than cheering on one of ‘your own’ and this is never likely to happen under Wenger.

So although Villa are comparable to many clubs with our foreign contingent I get more satisfaction from seeing Cahill, Moore, Davis, Barry, Agbonlahor etc. I also except that there comes a time when M’ON must decide if these players have the ability to take us to the next level.

As for time wasting, the injuries were just the tip of the iceberg. The worst situations were players apparently about to go and take a free kick, throw in etc, only to get by the ball and then walk away. We then had to wait and see who was taking it, as Arsenal apparently argued amongst themselves over responsibility. Invariably a player 50 yards away would then slowly jog over. Wenger and Henry made a great story about this when Wigan did it, but thought it OK to do it themselves. The time wasting is bad, but the hypocrisy is worse.

And as a qualified and still serving referee I feel I can give an honest, impartial assessment of the refs performance last night. It was poor. He lacked control and his positioning was shocking. I know fans were frustrated by several offside decisions but without the benefit of replays I can not comment on the assistant refs performance.

The Arsenal goal though was onside and the foul on Carew was outside the box. It would have been wrong to send off the defender though. I only found that out this morning when checking in the official rule book. It states ‘if the last man prevents a clear scoring opportunity, he must be dismissed from the field of play ……… unless you are an Arsenal player playing at Villa Park’.

So there you have it.



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  • Thanks for clearing that up VOTH 🙂 Absolutely right about the ref, he was poor. Although it is getting increasingly difficult these ays to find one that isn’t.

  • Glad to be of service Jonah. Although I actually believe refs get a raw deal. A premier League ref gets less than a £1000 per game but is expected to make less mistakes than players who are often on 10, 20 or a hundred times the money they are on. Last night excepted, most refs make less mistakes per game than every single player. They are often 30 year old + blokes trying to keep up with players, who in this day and age are fantastic athletes and several years younger. Given that this is the norm, mistakes will continue to be part of the game. Last night it went against us.

  • Refs don’t do too badly, £30k a year retainer and £500 a match. I do think they should be treated like Rugby refs, backed up with tv replays for crucial decisions and have no arguing from players.

  • I know I will not be popular saying this but….. IMHO its always the fashionable clubs who get the rub of the green Arsenal – Villa the 50-50 decisions will always go with the glamourous club. Part of this is the high profile moaning from the manager, when Fergie, Mormoanio and Wenger stand in front of the cameras moaning and belittiling the ref it creates a situation where they wont want to pi5ss5 them off. Birmingham city last season had a couple of players sent off and two penalties awardes against them at Highbury, the ref was a disgrace, because it was blues it did not matter, had that happened to Arsenal they would still be crowing about it. Lesser teams (Villa at the moment) do unfortunatly start the games aagainst bigger clubs at a disadvantage.

  • He was a poor ref last night, and I think that even the most impartial of spectators in attendance would agree on that point. He didn’t cost us the game though, we lost that through our own inadequacies. Overall I dont think that the standard of refereeing this season has been too bad, certainly I seem to recall having less cause for complaint so far this season than I have in more recent campaigns.

  • I think the refs cost us three points. Denied three clear chances, not given red, denied two penalties of hand plays, time wasting etc.

  • Majkee. Hand plays????? I presume you mean hand ball?? Calling a hand ball a hand play, is similar to calling a field goal (American football)a conversion (rugby). Before long you will be saying that Carew is part of our offensive line up!! :o)

  • You lost because you couldn’t score, end of!! The ref got the big decisions right whether you like it or not (& you lot would never have stopped crying if the ref had awarded a penalty against you after having the ball smacked against one of your players hands from less than a yard away). I could go on about endless decisions that have gone against arsenal this season whilst playing the small clubs, but it wont change the result now. Arsenal themselves have had a lot of trouble scoring goals which is why we lost to chelski in the league cup final, lost to psv & went out to blackburn in the fa cup. It’s also why we didn’t score 8 or 9 against your lot at the emirates, but thats life. If you play the same way against Liverpool on sunday you will lose again because you cannot rely on refs to do you favours which is exactly what your manager wanted!!

  • Whether some of us like it or not, Ashburton Gooner is right. We can’t score goals, its as simple as that and all the whinging about referees and decisions that ‘went against us’ can’t hid that one basic truth. I also agree with him about the ‘handball’ decision, I would have been gutted if we had a penalty given against us for that. We need to face the reality that we just aint good enough at the moment and stop trying to make excuses when we lose. I thought the ref was awful the other night but no way did he cost us the game. They scored a lucky goal, it happens, but we made enough chances to have pulled it around, we didn’t take them and that’s why we lost.

  • Did somebody say something?? I now know why the Arse are called the Gunners. It is because they would have you believe they are Gunner be a great team. They are Gunner be a great club. But in reality they are Gunner win as much as us this season.

  • Jonah. No. Contrary to popular belief that the handball has to be deliberate, what the ref must determine is if the handball stopped a goal or if the player had a chance to get his hand out of the way. But even then it is a slightly grey area and some refs will give a decision when others wouldn’t. For example Boateng last week against Manure raised his hands to protect his face. Penalty. A player with his arms by his side who has the ball whacked against them from a yard away. No penalty. The grey area is in how far away the offending player is away from the player who kicks the ball. If the ball has travelled 5 or 6 yards or more and hits a player on the arm most refs will give a penalty even if the player has his arms by his side. This is because if the ball has travelled that far then the player has had adequate time to move his hand away.

  • Thanks VOTH: From where I was sitting (upper trinity) the ball hit him from less than a yard away, I don’t see how he had any chance of avoiding it.

  • if boateng had not raised his hands,where would the ball have gone?would it have smacked him in the face?.

  • Doesn’t really matter Fran. If you make yourself a bigger target by raising your hands and the ball hits them …… penalty. For those who saw Celtic at Milan the other night, the ball was whacked at Maldini from just a couple of yards away. But his hands were raised. The shot was on target. Penalty. Had his hands been at his side and the ball had of hit his hand, I personally would not have given the penalty. Clear as mud.

  • i think penalties are given too easily,they should give indirect free kicks in the area for things like that,the hand ball rule was probably instigated to stop players punching the ball off the goal line.

  • Yes, we have to forget all the hard luck stories, penalties denied, bad refs etc. etc. At the end of the day, we are in the position we are in, because we cannot put the ball into the back of the end. Its been that way since day one, and it looks like it will remain that way now until seasons end.

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