Date: 9th October 2009 at 3:38pm
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After seeing Gabby and Milly travel for England’s WC qualifiers, Warnock is sulking off to Spain but he’d rather be with them.

Speaking to the E&S our new left back has admitted he’d much rather be travelling with the England squad than enjoying a bit of sun and sangria in Spain after being given a little extra time off during the International break.

In fact he’d much rather be in the Ukraine preparing to add to the one 6 minute England cap he gained when he came on as an 84th minute substitute against Trinidad and Tobago last year.

‘I am envious. You always want to be involved in the international games.’

Whilst he’ll be doing his best in sunny Spain to catch the match on the TV, he admits he’s a bit of a technophobe and won’t be watching the official English live stream.

That makes two of us, I’ve no idea how this internet thingy really works. Every time I use the net to try and improve my knowledge, learn about something new and find answers to riddles such as ‘why can’t you lick your elbow’ I always end up finding porn.

It’s just not worth my effort, and given my luck with Google I’m not searching for the match because God only knows what I’d find groups of men doing.

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