Date: 27th July 2007 at 12:54pm
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This summer is yet another example of AVFC missing critical opportunities in her recent history. I am sorry to say that the board and management have failed to understand the genuine sensitivity and fragility of Villa supporters. We have stood by this club despite being treated with contempt for the best part of twenty five years.

After the fantastic finale to the season and that glorious European cup celebration the board should have seized the opportunity and moved heaven and earth to secure the world class signings we craved – and were promised. This would have created such euphoria that I believe we would have hit 30 to 35K season ticket sales.

Clearly the policy is now to find ‘value for money’ signings. Unfortunately increased TV money and the influx of billionaire owners has ensured that we are suffering inflated transfer prices. Therefore real value for money will not be possible in the next few seasons.

I fear that value for money is now another phrase for cheap gambles. I wish Harewood well but he is not someone the big four or even WHAM, Spurs or now Man City would ever have considered. Can you imagine Ferguson beaming alongside Harewood?

I have seen these missed opportunities so many times. After winning the European cup we failed to invest and we flopped.

When GT left us in second place we got a cheap manager and made one signing – the next season we collapsed.

When Big Ron got us to runners up Ellis closed the purse strings, we made no significant moves in the transfer market and the rot set in.

When Little won the league cup and achieved an FA cup semi and 4th in the premiership we followed it up with a meagre two signings and the slide began.

Even when DOL got us to 6th we signed Carthorse Cole on loan and an unknown French midfielder!

I hate being cynical but we must not have a realistic budget in the hideously inflated 2007 summer market. I believe we budgeted to spend based on the 06 market and have been caught cold by the amount of money other clubs are prepared to invest. We cannot, or will not, match them. Did you ever imagine we would have been outspent by Fulham, Man City, West Ham, Portsmouth, Spurs and soon Blues – when they sign Mido – never mind the big four? It is now embarrassing.

I cannot understand how the men at the top of the club have allowed this situation to occur

We are now relying on MON’s considerable motivational skills – and hoping this will match the spending of other clubs. I fear this will not be enough.

I have bought my season tickets but the euphoria I felt at the end of the season has been replaced by the feeling I always have after a season of hope at VP – disappointment after a summer of missed opportunities and restricted signings.

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  • Right, I’m sick of these type of neagative articles. Jake – will you name the players we should have signed please.

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  • It’s basically echoing what Cascarino said and i’m afraid it’s beginning to look like we’re still in the stables while all the teams have shot off in front of us. Sven moron ericcson is near to bagging 6 players in less time than mon managed to bag two, how many more will he net by the time mon gets back? which leaves us with ever decreasing opportunities. Next season is gonna be tough to stay mid table let alone challenge for European places. I think everyone has a right to express an opinion whether it goes against the grain or not we’re all heart on our sleeve villa supporters and without these articles and without people questioning what’s going on the board would be a very dull place. UTV

  • I think this article should have been saved until 1st September as we still have near 5 weeks left of the current transfer window. I am amazed at some of the negative responses considering this time last year. Prices and player will become cheaper towards the end of the transfer window moving late is the best option. Clubs are spending so much money on average players its crazy, good things come to those who wait.
    So come on lads lets have some patience.

  • I am disappointed too in our lack of signings to date (but the season hasn’t started yet). So I thought who has been transfered so far who I would have liked at the Villa reasilitically (We were linked with Babel, but he was never going tocome ahead of Liverpool).
    Luke Young I would have liked, but maybe MON has a better player lined up. Nugent or Bellamy ? Maybe, but not convinced. Defoe is the one but he is NOT available. Would have loved Schneider, but he is NOT available.
    Leighton Baines is quality, but NOT a priority area for strenghtening.
    I don’t know too much about the new influx of Man City players (except Petrov, who is good, but again NOT what we need)
    So the more I think there are very few transfers gone through where i think ‘I wish Villa had signed him’.
    SoI live in the belief that MON knows what he is doing, and we will have 2,3 or 4 more players within the next couple of weeks, but I haven’t got a clue who.

  • I’m sorry but we’ve done this one to death. Jake, I suggest you read Niall Quinn’s article on the BBC website. MON is signing players who want to play for us. That’s a minimum requirement in my opinion. We are NOT in the market to comptete with the top 4 for signings.

  • I am glad I wrote my one now, after another negative article.I am the eternal optomist!…because I do not understand how negativity can help us progress!?!.A little poser…If you were a multimillionare and you are buying an escort that is worth 2k…would you pay 20k for it!!!….You have the money, but you are NO MUG.Once you do get mugged, everyone thinks your a MUG.Then the player that is worth 2mill, that you signed for 10mill is absolutely ****.Then all the fans say MON does not know what he is doing wasting our money on bad players, when he could have waited and spent it on better ones….Let’s park all this until 1st September, than all the doom merchants can have their witchhunt!

  • Get a life jake…we have a very talented squad, with a few more quality players on their way, leave the big money wasters and cahnce signings to the others. We’ve had enough so called big signings in the past, MON wants players who will not upset the balance, and work hard for their place. Hunger, you can’t buy that my friend, you have to have it in your nature, and on the subject of the ‘others’, I haven’t seen anything special in their signings, its just they don’t have a good enough accadamy behind them like us. Our squad is gelling fine, a couple more defensive signings and we will be fine. I thought we’d got rid of this negativity last week.

  • Judge them after christmas. IF by the end of the transfer window our squad is still small, christmas is usually the tester for injuries! if we do not make anymore signings and we start to get injuries we are knackered! weve got a good set of kids and firts team players, to rival spuds, citeh, bolton but they have bigger squads. we can’t keep relying on the youngsters to bolster the squad, we’ll end up burning them out (look what happened to Davis) UEFA will be a very good season if we achieve, we can go out and compete in the market. until then we won’t. i’m still looking forward to MON driving this club forward in many, many years to come. it will take time, and we all need to back him to the hilt. UTV

  • Totally agree with this article. You cant have this argument after the window closes as its too late then…get your opinions out now! Good luck to harewood but lets face it we all considered it a joke when he was linked to us – i think were all disapointed – we all thought we were going to play it with the big boys after years out of it. Now it doesnt look that way. And the thought of us getting value for money is not much consolation. Think about it – we have only signed one first team player so far, how much difference can that make? And why let McCann go? now reo-coker has joined with no competition for the holding role. Im villa till I die but im also baffled by the current progress this summer.

  • You think we’ve got it bad! Newcastle had to play Steve Harper as an outfield player yesterday against Celtic!

  • The opti’s got mit wrong over Taylor, they were even more wrong over O’Leary, here’s to them getting it right for once.

    Problem is they are so naive footballing wise its very unlikely.

    When you consider what other clubs,many in a much finer state player quality and quantity have done so far and continue to do,can their managers be so wrong and ours with a squad minus a rb and no genuine cover in half the positions be so right.
    2 weeks left to the season starting and its all the same, same jam tomorrow dreams.
    The number of times the same individuals or their counterparts went on at me during Taylors time, promising me he’d turn it around just like he had before.
    Telling me he knew what to do, how he needed to change things from the ground up, how results would come, hoe Crouch and Allback would be great buys and score pots of goals.
    Then the same lot told me having signed Baros and Hughes, even though spending that money on five lower quality but needed squad players was the better option, that Milner would be a great loan and top 6 even Europe was a certainty.
    They were wrong then and they are wrong now.

  • These articles amaze me. Are we really to believe that the author know the inside out of Villa park? How does he know what targets we have missed out on? What he really has is an opinion that we should have signed someone that another club eventually signed. The fact is O’ Neil was not after that player and I for one trust him over some ‘fans’ opinion. If you are disappointed do not go next season. Simply.

  • avfc48, you’re missing the point. The transfer window has been open for 4 weeks and closes at the end of August. There is still plenty of time to make the signings required and MON knows better than all of us what needs to be done. While he’s cleared out the half-hearted players such as Samuel, JPA and Davies and the over-rated McCann, getting the right calibre of players to join us is a lot more difficult. Let’s be honest, what gives us the right to think the best players are going to join us ahead of the top four or Spurs or Newcastle or even Man City? Getting us back to the top will require a top manager, which we’ve got, who is given the time to get the job done. That’s not dreaming, over optimism or jam tomorrow, that’s the reality of our situation. We are not a big club as far as players are concerned and changing their minds is a big task that won’t happen over night.

  • AVFC48- I will make one point , that may have escaped you.
    NO DOUG ELLIS….I understand a pessimistic nature, my wife is a classic example.But even the most hardened pessimist can’t escape from noticing all the money that has been spent on improving the club.It is not a case of if we will spend the money on the players to improve the club, but when.Time is ticking and MON is no fool(Although I am sure you would argue to the contrary)

  • onelovevilla- you say ‘would you buy an escort for 20k’ your answer is no, thats wrong mate, its all about supply and demand, if there’s only a couple left someone would pay that, just like people paid £1000 on ebay for a ps3, and just like teams are having to do now, there’s not much talent about at the mo, hence supply and demand

  • Fair enough eltoro, but if we bought a crap player for alot of money.
    Would we accept, this is what quality you get for your money, or slag the manager off for paying so much for tat?

  • I think we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place at the mo, just lets hope everything turns out o.k. eh mate

  • Those old Villa teams you mention in your article where all ageing and needed replacing not just bulking up thats why they failed so much. MON is building a team full of ability for the future. What is the point of throwing a load of money at unproven foreigners and unsettling the team. We have a young nucleus, who are settling in and with competition for places begin to evolve all around the pitch. Exciting times!!! In 3 seasons time the majority of our squad will still be there, and not overaged. Will Man Citys and West Hams? I doubt it! These so called fans who want us to buy the world are being a little unrealistic.

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