Date: 17th September 2006 at 2:17pm
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Darn it, was meant to be entertained in a box at the Watford game but had to miss it due to a health glitch! Still, I watched in from an exec box in Redditch, well my apartment but you get the picture.

There are those that aren’t happy with a point against Watford but in my opinion this is a game we’d have lost last season and if not for, once again, poor finishing, we’d have come home with all three points. There is no disgrace in any draw away from home, although the three points should and could have been sealed on our first half display.

The first 45mins belonged to Villa, we passed the ball about nicely and had the lions share of chances, some of which should have been buried without doubt. Stiliyan Petrov, Gabriel Agbonlahor and Steven Davis all had chances to get on the scoresheet, all three failed. Ben Foster was their man of the moment making some decent saves, although a few chances should still have beaten him.. Watford really didn’t produce much in the way of chances and I was surprised how much time they gave the Villa players on the ball. I’d thought they were a physical and strong team.

The second half proved they were. Villa were unlucky to go in at 0-0 but by the end of the match we were lucky in some ways to finish 0-0.

The ‘real’ Watford came out for the second 45 mins and they dominated us, didn’t give us a second on the ball and didn’t allow the space they gave us in the first half. There were two players mainly responsible for the result as far as Villa are concerned, Angel for failing to direct a header from six yards out, it should have been a sure goal and against the run of play, I’d have expected it to have taken the sting out of the Hornets. The other player responsible was Thomas Sorenson, for all the right reasons. He pulled off three world class saves and assured a share of the points.

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Player Ratings

Sorenson 9
best he has played for a while, and following an average performance the week before that was impressive. Kept us in the game in the second half.

Mellberg 7
used as right-back, be interesting to see how moves where once Aaron Hughes and Mark Delaney return to fitness, I’m sure Mellberg prefers being in the centre and with Laursen he could form a great partnership.

Ridgewell 7
solid, got stuck in, but started tugging again, got to be careful not to start conceding free kicks and penalties again.

Laursen 9
superb, you’d never know how long he was out with injury but you would know he is quality. Seemed to want the ball, was able to counter the long ball and didn’t mind getting physical.

Barry 7
wasn’t fully in the game as left-back as he wasn’t able to forage forward much, still a decent enough performance but the long ball didn’t suit his game.

Davis 6
got about well but was out fought, especially later in the game before being subbed (85th minute).

Petrov 6
was 10 out of 10 last week, but got muscled out this week, there were glimpses, but we need more than a glimpse of skill. Nigel, you might be right, he might be an in-and-out player!

McCann 7
first half he was great, his distribution was spot on, his tackles were well timed, second half he was either out muscled or simply ran out of steam.

Moore* 6
tried but didn’t quite get stuck in, some of the distribution was poor and he really isn’t looking as menacing as he should be. This guy COULD do it, he just needs to believe it.

Agbonlahor* 6
used his pace but didn’t have a final ball, one pass in the second half that would surely have led to an easy goal for Angel was passed behind the striker and the chance was missed. Being caught off-side so much was unforgivable because this player has pace to waste so doesn’t need to make the runs so early.

*Not convinced either are wingers and I’m sure when the players are available to buy, neither will be utilised as such, Gabby might have more chance than Luke to become a winger though, but needs to find that final ball.

Angel 6
Not sure how you rate Angel as he once again ran every blade of glass, he came back and helped in defence BUT. That one chance from six yards out should have been buried in the back of the net, game over, 3 points to Villa. Come on Juan-Pablo, time to start bashing them in!

Baros (on for Moore 72).
Showed nothing, didn’t get the supply, no chances, will have to do better!

Gardner (on for Davis 85)
Not on long enough to rate but this guy doesn’t half crunch in when he tackles!


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