Date: 10th December 2009 at 11:58am
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Martin O’Neill has warned the players not to expect an easy ride when we travel to Old Trafford this weekend.

Man U’s team has taken somewhat of a battering lately, especially with defenders dropping like Ronaldo in a penalty box, but O’Neill doesn’t want anybody thinking the game will be a shoe in (think Beckham it makes sense).

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail O’Neill pointed out that prior to the Chumps League game against the Wolfburgers, Rudolph was clear the priority was this weekends Prem clash.

‘He might not have every single option available to him but he’ll have a lot more options available to him on Saturday, you can guarantee that.’

Reading that quote anyone would think Man U had withdrawn players from the England squad because of ‘injuries’, it’s not nearly that fun though.

Monny is just pointing out that the likes of Rooney and Giggs were rested is all.

With most of the papers building up this weekends clash to be the best time for Villa to secure a win since, well longer that I can remember, they are right…but that doesn’t mean we’ll get the win if we fail to turn up.

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