Date: 25th April 2009 at 7:40pm
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I’ve heard of taking the positives but today according to Martin O’Neill we gained a point, simply because Everton lost.

The set of results mean we have ‘doubled’ our advantage over Everton and I’m sure everyone is happy at that. We’ve doubled our advantage – great stuff.

Suppose only a cynic thinks that had we not got desperately lucky we’d actually have no advantage at the moment.

Speaking to the official site, O’Neill said:

‘We got a point away from home and came into the dressing room disappointed and then we found out Everton had lost at home to Manchester City. So we have actually gained a point on them.

‘Hopefully now that elusive win is around the corner. But I am pleased with the team’s efforts and the way they performed.

‘Overall, I think we could have won the game. We were the better side. We just about deserved the lead at half-time although we didn’t create as many chances in this game as we have in the past few.

‘We tried to take the game to them and be positive. Ironically, they scored during a period when we were playing our best football of the game in terms of possession and pressure. It was frustrating to concede at that time.

‘We were much better defensively than we have been in the past few weeks but we didn’t create the same amount of chances as we did in those same games.

‘We have been involved in some very exciting away games this season – but this wasn’t one of them. By comparison with them, this was very dour.’

I’m becoming more puzzled by the elusive corner, let alone the win. We also created plenty of chances today according to the stats and we’d have created far more if any of our players could cross a ball without missing everyone or hitting the first defender everytime.

But realistically it is a bit more breathing space on Everton and we desperately need that with our form and the fact we can’t buy a win at the moment.


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  • Did fear a loss today, Bolton are tough to play, so not too bad a result I guess. As for MON’s comments, it reminds me of the old song Double Dutch..!

  • More pathetic comments from O’Neill. Again, I agree with avfc48. I just hope that Man Utd are stupid enough to appoint O’Neill when the Scottish hag finally does everyone a favour and crawls back into the damp, dark hole from which he crawled all those years ago. I’d quite happily cheer a league and CL double for the RedScum if it meant Ferguson retired and we were shot of O’Neill. That alone is an indication of how desperately I want to see the back of him.

  • cant believe some of the comments about wanting him out. i certainly dont think he’s beyond reproach as most fans do but we dont need to sack the bloke. as for today good point but i was bored to tears!

  • Merlin, did you never read “The Emperors new Clothes”. That is what RealNeal is refering too! Agree with themightyatom though. We are going through a bad patch, but we are STILL in 5th position! We would all have taken that at the begining of the season.

  • That’s one way of looking at it. The other is we badly *****ed up, and you let us off the hook! We had a shambolic start to the season, your having a poor finish, whilst we both did alright in the middle. Will be interesting who ends up 5th, bad start or bad finish.

  • The way some fans are over reacting to a dip in form. We won’t need to sack him because he will walk!!!! Then what happens? We begin the process all over again. Appoint a manager keep him for 2/3 seasons then sack or drive him out. Then the process begins again!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a joke

  • Cannot believe we conceded when 1-0 up again!!! Argh!!!! That said I was confident today that we would get at least a point so I am not too disappointed, and Everton screwed up too!!!

  • young-jonah, avfc48 and albarnista – do the three of you all live together in Sutton Coldfield……. next door to Doug Ellis???? Let’s fly into cloud cuckoo land and appoint Jose Mourinho! Now you’re really having a laugh…. Criticize his decisions, team selection, substitution policy, but sack the guy because we’ve had a few draws and lost to the first, second, and third placed teams in the league (oh and the sixth placed team in the FA Cup)…..?????

  • Well said gmvillian. A question to Young_Jonah, Do you think we have enough stock to net someone like Mourinho? Why don’t we try to snare Sir Alex as well, he can be director of football…. As far as Moyes goes what has he done that MON hasn’t? I see MON and Moyes on a par, so what do we gain???? I want to see the reaction of these doubters when we turn the corner and begin to win. I’m sure they will be singing MON’s praises and indeed his name from the stands. That young_jonah is what is known as fickle………. Yes I do understand the word before you ask….

  • I’ll tell you something Moyes has done that MON’s not: Flirted with relegation during his difficult 3rd season. If this run of results had come spread across a season then we’d all be happy with 5th. They’re not, we’ve hit a sticky patch and some people want to have the world on a stick and they want it now! MON’s a good manager, but he’s not a miracle worker, he’s not the messiah and he’s not a very naughty boy. If we carry this form through to next year then we should worry, but in the mean time we’ll have to wait until it all turns around. And it will.

  • I agree with Lorenzo. I have been saying over and over again that MON needs another year, but excuses of small squads etc, will not cut it when he has been at the club for four seasons, he has another 12 months, if we can continue to grow then great if we finish 6th next season, then you have to ask has he taken us as far as he can? Is then time to let someone else have a go? Some seem to forget that we are Aston Villa, why wouldn’t Mourinho come to Villa? This is not the Villa of the Doug Ellis days, this is the villa with a chairman willing to spend, shame we have a manager who isnt, but he has one more year to turn it around before the few moans on a football forum become far more……..

  • Oh and in answer to gappy…………reached an FA Cup final, beaten Man utd, two very good accomplishments in my book, wish O’Neill could do the same……

  • Getting really tired of MON’s poor spin because we had another poor performance. We shouldn’t be worrying/hoping what other teams results are, we should be concentrating on our own game. I know that he wants to keep the dressing room positive etc but even they must be losing the faith and getting tired of listening to his upbeat talk while being let down by shocking defending. The backup defence will concede every week and now that Ashley seems to have been found out and the talentless sack of spuds, aka Heskey is guaranteed to play we can’t expect to win. The squad needs trimming and rebuilding or noone in the squad will be listening to MON’s hype next year, and then we won’t even have 5 months of getting good results.

  • to those who want MON out: you let the club down. you let true fans down. you are stupid. you have no idea about football. you should keep your foolish opinions to yourself. wake up. you are not real villa fans. without MON we would be lower down the league almost certainly. without MON we wouldn’t have ashley young. ashley young is awesome. thanks.

  • Villan444, I think that the dressing room has indeed lost faith in MON, and I think there are also a few players who are extremely unhappy that we chucked in the UEFA Cup. It might not be much of a competition but it’s still a trophy, and players like to win trophies. And ric112, O’Leary signed Laursen, so presumably he also is a fine manager.

  • And I like young_jonah’s suggestions. I actually think Mourinho is a more realistic proposition than Moyes, as I think Moyes would find it difficult to justify to himself moving to Villa from Everton. Some reason’s why Mourinho would be attracted to Villa; the chance to have total control at a football club, with the backing of a supportive owner; a promising team (who, I believe, have outgrown their manager) around whom he can build a fine squad capable of qualifying for the CL (something that is beyond O’Neill because he doesn’t believe, and doesn’t have the ability to buy quality players, and doesn’t have the tactical nous), and then, with the investement that would follow, challenge for top honours; a chance to return to the Premier League, and for the aforementioned reasons, Villa is (potentially) the most attractive option; a challenge. Inter are in a strange position where they are dominant in Italy, but highly unlikely to challenge for the CL. What’s the point in someone like Mourinho managing them?

  • What more do u plonkers want we are 5th in the league, in my book thats top cos the top 4 are so far ahead, yes we are making progress in a year or 2 we maybe there, whats the point in sacking him we need to give him a long period and so far he has improved evert season. We could get sumone else who spends a 100m and we finish tenth. Leave him alone and do what ur here to do SUPPORT ASTON VILLA AND THAT MEANS THE MANAGER.

  • Sum of you it seems cant wait 4 him to make a mistake, he has made mistakes and so have all the best managers, yes he has bought bad players and made poor tacktical errors but again so have all managers, i bet the moaners on here like Albarnista rarley see a live game.

  • Mourinho? Moyes? No chance! What’s wrong with you lot? We’re 5th… not 15th. You would let go a manager who has turned things around to such an extent that we are looking to finish in European positions year after year rather than mid-table or worse?

  • Well said GMVILLAN. Doom mongerers unite…then fk off!! It is a point gained! They gained none, we gained one. Maths, not Double Dutch.

  • Young_Jonah; So you judge your success by failure? Everton runners up in the FA cup, and beat Man U. Does that make a successful tenure as manager? Did we not beat Chelski, Arsenal or does that not count because MON was at the helm. I love fans with selective memory loss. History repeats itself over and over, the most successful side are the ones who stick with their managers. Do you think Everton would be consistently around the top 6 if they would of sacked Moyes in his 3rd season?

  • Let’s not forget that MON has taken us from 16th to 11th to 6th and (hopefully) 5th/6th again. Thats pretty darn good isn’t it???

    David Moyes/Evertons positions since he took charge = 7th to 17th to 4th to 11th to 6th to 5th to (probably this season) 5th/6th. It’s only in the last 2-3 seasons that he’s kept them consistently near the top after 4 seasons of ups and downs. If MON has got us that stability within 2 seasons I’d say thats excellent. Success doesn’t come over night – if we can consistently be one of the top teams behind the top 4, we have a platform to build OVER TIME to challenge the big four.

  • The club have invested in some cracking training facilities and a top youth set up to support our growth and challenge in the future. What we need now is consistency in order to secure ourselves as a top 6 team year in year out. I personally beleive that consistency includes our manager – not just giving him the boot due to a run of bad form.

  • I’m losing the will to live with some people on here!!! Can I ask you one question and then I will never post/visit this site again as the morons on here are starting to get to me? What WOULD make you guys happy?

  • ric112, how about you try not to slag of your fellow supporters, just because they have a different opinion to you?

  • gappy65, I totally agree, stability is very important when it comes to success, and I have said this over and over, but will say it again. O’Neill has earnt and deserves another year at the helm, simple as. I don’t think a few moans or concerns from me and the minority of fans is going to get him sacked, he has plenty of time to turn things around and I hope he does, end of really. I have concerns but I don’t want him out. But if he DID leave I am confident we could attract another top manager, seems some fans think that the day O’Neill leaves then the club will slip down to the conference or something, that is the sad thing in my eyes. We are bigger than any manager.

  • AVNath, what would make me happy is if we played more attractive football instead of relying on the Wimbledon-esq long ball tactics. I actually think we are starting to play some attractive football right now and I have been much happier with the performance of the team in the last 4 games than the majority of the season. It would have also made me happy to see O’Neill attempt to win the UEFA Cup, we probably would have failed, but throwing games upsets me, think it makes a mockery of this club and its traditions. O’Neill has time to turn things around, he really does. And as we are likely to be in the UEFA Cup again next year I hope O’Neill will be taking the competition more seriously, if he has learned from his mistake then this too will make me happy. Also it make me happy to never hear O’Neill moan about squad size ever again, he is the man at the helm and I do think after 3 years in charge that he should be responsible for that element of the club, if he cannot have a squad size capable then maybe we need some who can. BUT I REPEAT, HE HAS PLENTY OF TIME!!! Me moaning will NOT result in his sacking, he has the backing of the board, and thats all that matters. UTV!!!

  • Thanks young_jonah for finally a realistic response!! I do wish people would forget the uefa cup though, who says we would have beaten Moscow with a very tired first team anyway?? Just cannot believe calls to sack a manager that is going to finish in the top 6 two seasons on the trot – can someone please name the last man to do it??

  • AVNath, I don’t think anyone is calling for his head mate, I honestly don’t, I think people are upset and rightly so, we haven’t won a game for 8 weeks, that is pretty poor. And as I have said before, I may well moan on this website but when it comes to 3pm on a Saturday I am as vocal and supportive as any fan. And I have never booed any player, I think I booed a performance once, under DOL though.

  • ‘I’d quite happily cheer a league and CL double for the RedScum if it meant Ferguson retired and we were shot of O’Neill. That alone is an indication of how desperately I want to see the back of him.’ – I’d say that was calling for his head wouldn’t you??

  • Also reading some comments on the Generals message board thread is unbelievable, these ‘fans’ are going to drive the best things to have happend to the club in 30 years, MON and Randy, away from the club and then where will we be? Probably heading to the fizzy pop league like we were before them…

  • I’ve heard it all now. We for years had that duffer in charge who would sack a manager after 2/3 years (JG being the longest under his ownership), and now cos we have a bit of a crisis ( a bit yes cos as far as I know we are not battling to stay in the top flight), we have these poeple wanting MON sacked!!!. The guy WILL walk and then of course it’s so so very easy to get a top manager. – Moyes – will he leave Everton where he is adored regardless of his failings to come to where some fans are so expert so fickle that he will get hounded out, or Mourinho – why would he come to Villa with some fans like ours. Oh yes I forgot – we are Aston Villa and anyone would walk over hot coals to work here!!. I can see a scenario where we may just lose the best chairman we have had in years (decades) and a manager who MAY take us to greater hieghts. But then this manager lark is so simple I could get Kidderminster Harriers to win the Champs league. Give it a rest – we are in the top 5/6 AGAIN. Consistency – we are building – but some are DEMANDING instant success. I will give the manager the time he needs – but if you want him out – go for it see how far that gets you and when he goes and we get some “world class” manager who also fails to bring instant success – hound him out also. I’m glad I spend most of my time away from the UK in sunnier climes. I’d hate to sit near some of you lot.

  • And if we don’t stuff Hull then you’ll all be back on here as usual with all this c***p all over again.

  • “AVNath, I don’t think anyone is calling for his head mate, I honestly don’t”. Erm, sorry Y_J, but you’re wrong. Try reading this thread again, from the top. It includes comments such as “More pathetic comments from O’Neill. Again, I agree with avfc48. I just hope that Man Utd are stupid enough to appoint O’Neill when the Scottish hag finally does everyone a favour and crawls back into the damp, dark hole from which he crawled all those years ago. I’d quite happily cheer a league and CL double for the RedScum if it meant Ferguson retired and we were shot of O’Neill. That alone is an indication of how desperately I want to see the back of him.” Now do you see who you’re associated with, and why some of us are getting really, really fed up with your negative attitude? We are FIFTH for God’s sake – not 15th. And to those who want David Moyes, ask Everton fans if he was always so popular. Those with non-selective memories will recall his third season, when they were (nearly) all calling for his head. THINK before you post, and try to look at things OBJECTIVELY.

  • AVNath, one thing that would make me happy is if the posi’s and the nega’s could debate without calling each other morons!!!

    There is NO WAY that Randy is or will be driven out. Also no manager is bigger than the club and I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone (apart from the example you use) call for his head, quite the reverse, even those who aren’t up to speed on the media lead messiah status seem to want him to get a good chance because of what happened in years gone by with the manager merry go round. Doesn’t mean they can’t question decisions etc does it?

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, the great thing about Villa these days is we are no longer talking about the politics at the club (Naz will remember that part well!) we are talking managers, players, tactics and substitutions. In other words, as it should be. MON will get a good chance to show what he can do, he has good backing, I think he’s made a major mistake this season and now has some credibility to restore (others don’t agree, I’m fine with that!) and some of his substitutions etc have been amateur. Is he the one to bring us success? Maybe this summer will answer it as it is a BIG summer (again) for our ambition. I have my doubts but will enjoy the ride whilst we find out and then if he does we’ll all be happy and if he doesn’t we’ll get another throw of the dice, no doubt with a top international manager because Villa is back on the map, is a big club and CAN win things (including cups as and when a manager decides to take them seriously)

    Happy days.

  • I just think fans are very quick to call for the head of managers. It’s the MacDonalds syndrome, we want it and we want it now. We are in a very difficult possition! We are not quite good enough for the champions league. Becuase the 4 clubs above have been bank rolled of various degrees for a number of seasons, and have a stable set up. We on the other hand have been transformed into a club that can challenge the top 4, in a very short period of time. MON needs time and plenty of it, and together with the best chairman in the league he will get it right. It all takes time. It’s not an over night process. “/3 years is nothing in lifes rich tapestry. Give the bloke a chance and get off his back. Another season may well be enough, or maybe it will take 2/3 seasons to get in amongst the big 4. Things that are built slowly always last, because the foundations are sound, Things that are throw together may get short term success but then collapse, Blackburn and Jack Walker are a prime example, Newcastle another, history is littered with short term success followed by collapse. It’s no magic formular that stability breeds success.

  • BobTheBuilder, i do look at everything objectively. And have said it time and time again, but those with selective memories forget it within a minute of reading my comments, that O’Neill has earnt the right to have more time, he has had 3 decent years at the helm!!!! I really don’t know how many more time i need to say this before it sinks into some peoples heads. I have doubts of his ability, that is all, jeez!!!! I have a negative attitude? No, its called having an opinion, allow me to repeat myself one more time, maybe this time you will get my point. I have some doubts that O’Neill can take us further than 5/6th in the league, but he has earnt the opportunity to have a go following 3 very decent seasons at the helm. I await your post about me being negative…….

  • Think that must be the minority at the moment though BobTheBuilder? You’ll always get some not liking managers, this isn’t new and isnt’ exclusive to Villa fans. There were plenty who didn’t like Ron Saunders remember, you don’t actually HAVE to like a manager to enjoy the success! Maybe people just have the jitters because the home form this season has been average at best and I guess we all started to believe we were going to break the top four this season, I’m sure we aren’t alone in the disappointment, the manager and players will be gutted as well. Like villan57 said in another thread, I agree with him, after Blackburn away, I REALLY started to believe but obviously since Moscow it has gone tits up. So, as football is all about passions, there will be people feeling down and objectivity isn’t always easy from either side of the footballing fence! One thing we can be sure of, unless he decided to walk, he will get the time and backing to show what he can do.

  • Agree Fear, he won’t be pushed. A few mumbles on a website won’t push him, and I am not planning on going on any marches. He has time and I hope he can take us to the next level.

  • Think we’ve been here before mind you gappy65, DOL got us to 6th, JG to 1st at one point. GT had no chance with the way Doug treated him. I guess with the promise and excitement of new owners (an excitement which still hasn’t dissipated for me!) along with the messiah rated new manager some just raised expectations and some of the quotes from the manager did also help raise them. I think after drifting so long and also at times being ‘nearly there’ maybe some have a shorter level of patience than they’d usually have? Maybe I’m wrong, just think that expectations are high and that does sometimes spill over I suppose!

  • Jonah mate I am over it but all this over the top reaction is getting to me. Criticise as much as you want but make it constructive. People are forgetting how far we have come in such a short time, they have no patience any more. We will implde if we don’t all calm down and take stock. I am chilled (living 75% of my time in Turkey means that I am so laid back I’m almost comatose as life is slow there) – the only time I get uptight is when I read the comments here.

  • Fear i think MON made a mistake regarding the Moscow thing, however i think he has done more than enough for us as supporters to 4get it and move on. What we need to do as a collective ie all supporters is back the team and manager in a positive way, stop the booing and moaning, 4 god sake look how far we have come, every season we have improved. Agree this summer is a big one but we must keep the faith and lets enjoy and stick together like sum other clubs do. UP THE VILLA.

  • Good comments from Naz and astonsteve. Totally agree, lets see what the summer brings, although we have a few more games left before the crazy transfer talk starts……

  • Just a shame that the rest of the games are seemingly meaningless to what could have been.. Sigh…. But agree that we must stick together and back MON through thick and thin even though we are on a bad run. UTV

  • Two things, JPF and Y_J. First, I’m NOT having a go at you for criticising MON or his decisions. That we can (and hopefully will) debate for a long time to come. I was only pointing out to Y_J that he was wrong in stating that nobody was calling for MON’s head. I will have a go at you for talking about people with ‘selective memories’ though, Y_J, since yours seems to be afflicted with that very problem. As somebody has pointed out already, you raise Everton beating Man U in a cup match as something that makes their season somehow better than ours, and yet we beat Chelsea and Arsenal, and took points of Liverpool and ManU. Don’t those results count, or were we just ‘lucky’ in those matches?

  • BTB, no I am very well aware of those results, i can also remember being sat in the Holte End when we beat Chelsea under DOL, and listening to us beat Arsenal under JG with my Dad, and remember us beating Liverpool 3-1 on the opening day a few years back (under DOL i believe). They are great achievements and many of our managers in the past have done the same. Beating Man Utd is the big one for us, and unfortunately we have yet another manager that cannot seem to get one over on them. Would Moyes be able to? I honestly don’t know. But what I DO know is that the day MON leaves we will still be Aston Villa, one of the greatest clubs in England and although the MON-lovers don’t want to believe it, we WILL have a queue of quality managers wanted to come in and work for one of the best chairman in the league. Maybe I do have a selective memory, but I am remembering the fact that Villa have been a great club before, O’Neill is not the first manager to take us from 16th to 6th/5th. He is not the messiah. But as I have said loads of times, he deserves the chance to show what he can do.

  • Young_Jonah; You correct we are Aston Villa, we remain Aston Villa regardless of staff or players. But as we sit at this present time, I feel we have the best manager to take us forwrd to the next level. However that next step is a very difficult one to make. The reasons for that are. The top 4 are established and have been for a number of years, concistently playing CL and rewards that go with it. Next we have an investment issue, Does RL plough loads of money in only to fail or does he gamble? (Thats not saying MON isn’t up to the job) That saying no matter how much money you invest there is no certainty of CL. The last reason, because we are a concistant 5/6th place can we attract the truely top players and can we afford them? I not so sure. So taking all this into account, it’s about building your stock value slowly. There is something to be said about only getting to the CL when we are ready to play there. Over the 27 years since we lifted the European cup (of which I was lucky enough to be there) our stock level reduced. We should have built upon that. But thanks Ellis we didn’t so we are now rebuilding. You can’t rebuild 27 years in 2/3. So the order of the day is patience, it will happen!!!!!

  • Gappy, i totally agree mate. I think we disagree on one thing and one thing only, i don’t think O’Neill is that man to take us to the next level. However, i am not of the opinion he should be sacked, for all your reasons above i think he should be given plenty of time to do it. But there does need to be a cut off point one day. If we finish 6th under him for another 10 seasons, we need to one day say, oh ok maybe someone else should have a go…….. But that is way into the future, and I think he has earnt the opportunity to at least have a go, me and you differ on the opinion of whether he can take us past 5th, but we agree that we want to be there, so lets allow O’Neill to have a go. 🙂

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