Date: 6th September 2010 at 5:41pm
Written by:

A famous former Chairman of ours once proclaimed ‘We have one of the top 4 managers in the league’ before dismissing him from his post.

At the time we should and could have expected one of the other three managers to become installed as our new manager, if we were to progress.

History tells us this did not happen.

Due respect should be paid to Mr. Lerner, Mr. Faulkner and their colleagues. No wild statements, no rash promises (we’ll let them off for the ‘new manager for the Newcastle game’ gaff). I like all true fans, have enjoyed a relatively trouble free period in our club’s recent history, and for that I am heartily grateful.

Do I resent the Milner transfer? Absolutely not! Sound business acumen has resulted in a fantastic deal for my club.

Am I disappointed by Mr. O’Neill’s departure? Yes by his timing, but the way it has been handled, with dignity and an air of respect by both parties I feel elevates my club above teams who choose to air their issues publicly.

Should Mr. Houllier prove to be the choice of this board, then I will support this decision because that is my duty as a fan.

We cannot, and should not sink to the levels of depravity demonstrated by a ‘Green & Gold ‘ type campaign.

We have a proud history and we STILL have a bright future under this board and its governance. Our role as fans is as important as any paid member of the Villa family. It is an old worn cliché now, but we are the twelfth man, we are the super sub. Without us as one of the key ingredients, the cake of success does not get baked.

Ask yourself all one question. Villa fan or a fan of Liverpool, United, Newcastle, West Ham, Blackpool etc etc etc? Mr. Lerner has long now been held up as the one true ‘foreign’ owner who has done things the right way.

As players do not become poor over night, neither do Chairmen. Play on Mr. Lerner.

You have our support, our blessing and in you and your team we entrust our passions and our dreams for our great club! Give me heart over dollars and give me passion over ego.

Friends of mine who are supporters of ‘the richest club in the world’ fear for their very existence now. Their club has changed and whilst they may indeed buy success on the field, they fear for the soul of their proud club and for the loss of its true identity. I love my club as I have since attending my very first game as a child.

This in an era when the fashionable club was Liverpool for all of it’s domestic success and European domination. We were not in their league. yet here we are competing for the best mangers in the world and viewed by all as a progressive club with the right approach and ideals.

Long may my ‘big family club’ continue to be just that!!