Date: 15th October 2015 at 10:34am
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There’s been plenty of talk about manager Tim Sherwood and his potential future at B6 and we’ve been no different.

In response to the poll vote piece yesterday – Click Here – andy5759 supplied a fairly philosophical look at life at the Villa at the moment and I thought I’d nick it to give it a wider audience, as when you try and not get lost in the moment there isn’t an awful lot to disagree with in my humbles.

Giving Tim time doesn’t mean you’re satisfied nor does it mean this is good enough.


When Tim was appointed last season I had a few things to say, but mostly kept me trap shut.

Give the bloke a try and all that. Anyway, he was in the seat so there was nothing we could do.

Given his relative greenness to the job it would have been surprising if he had overseen transfer business, whatever he said about eyeing someone up to a while, and such. His job is to get these lads playing close to their full potential as a team.

Aston Villa is quite a big company, big turnover, lots of staff. So it’s not entirely the fault of TS. The way managers get pilloried for just about every little thing at the club, you wonder if he’s imagined running around like a blue bum fly, pulling strings from where to play Sinclair to how much gristle is allowed in the balti pies.

I was an initial doubter, he’s here, he’s got the job. So he’s got to be cut some slack until he delivers or not.

No amount of dissatisfaction here or in the stands is going to change things, RL has people around him to tell him when it’s time to let go. All will come out in the wash.

Whether we go upwards, downwards, or in some strange way sideways, we will stick with Villa, won’t we?

Owners come and go, managers come and go, players go and come. We are here for life, it’s only a life of misery and moans if you make it so.

Cheer up, Chelsea next.

Writer – andy5759


Today’s press is little different, it’s all pressure piling on the gaffer again based on very little other than what is patently obvious to everyone – poor league form, one win and four points.

The Daily Mail for example are pointing out that Randy Lerner met with Tom Fox, Paddy Riley and Hendrik Almstadt last week in a scheduled meeting that had been in the calender – but of course it takes on a sinister outlook given the press and sabre rattling we’ve had from the media in recent days about two games to save his job etc.

The only fresh slant is the suggestion that he retains the faith of the club because he wasn’t sacked like Brendan Rodgers and with no offered authority for the claim, they state.

‘Indeed, there is a growing resentment in the club’s hierarchy that Sherwood’s position has become a subject of speculation.’

With no further source offered they also add.

‘…there is a defree of friction between the manager and senior figures over recruitment policy and there is also a concern that morale among the players is so low.’

Of course there’d be ‘friction’ over recruitment – even the media peddling this line can’t work out a list of players that they agree on that Sherwood actually wanted between themselves.

If there is a source for this they must be laughing their little socks off giving each paper a different set of names and nobody seemingly noticing!

Maybe the friction comes from the overriding desire to fill column inches and the search for accuracy in the press being less ethical and less important than phone tapping? #makingaguess

Going back to his future though, non executive director (General Charles C.Krulak to give him his full title) the Gen has been quoted by The Sun rubbishing the two game claim.

‘We realise there is concern amongst our supporters. I see that on their message board and I see that on social media as well. This is a critical point in a season, we know. I speak to Randy just about every day and we are still convinced we have good players and a good team. There has been a bit of bad luck along the way. Look at the next two matches we have – Chelsea away and then Swansea. To say he has to win those games to survive is pure speculation. Randy has always wanted continuity and someone there for the long term.’

Audio – Wilkins On Sherwood Future

Ray Wilkins has also been quoted on the subject of Sherwood, with him saying.

‘I think it would be a huge mistake because he’s an up and coming manager who did extremely well at Tottenham. Let’s not forget, it was only six or seven months ago that we were in the FA Cup final and staved off relegation so we really shouldn’t be talking about this type of situation. We will get there, it’s going to be a lot of hard work but we will get there in the finish.’

Lose to Chelsea this weekend and this type of media coverage is only going to get worse!

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