Date: 15th August 2009 at 8:31pm
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Martin O’Neill has said he won’t use excuses after todays performance against Wigan and has instead said we weren’t good enough.

Speaking on the official site the gaffer apparently pulled no punches in his after match verdict and admitted that at no point in the game were we at the races.

More importantly he wasn’t frustrated after the match, because frustration can only occur when you deserve a point or more…his feeling was one of disappointment.

‘After an initial 15 minutes, we were second best all afternoon.

‘You can analyse everything but at the end of the day, we looked tired, which was a bit of surprise considering we had a good pre-season.’

Tired….TIRED! How could those players be tired? Most of them haven’t had a pre season aside from a single game, others like Friedel were predominantly replaced by younger models in the Peace Cup.

Maybe not match sharp but TIRED FFS!

‘But I’m not going to make excuses.’

Well don’t then, tired I ask you? Nothing to do with the same old piss poor tactics? Nothing to do with playing Petrov who will still be feeling his shoulder. Debuting Delph from the beginning despite the fact he hasn’t been at the club for more than five minutes. Persisting with a 442 when it doesn’t work. Persisting with Gabby and Heskey as ‘goalscorers’ I give in.

‘The fans will be disappointed with the performance. People have mentioned the absence of Gareth Barry and Martin Laursen. This is a new team – we have to be ready for that.’

No excuses, but now it’s our ‘new team’ are ‘tired’. We lost Barry and Laursen. You sold Knight without a replacement.

You brought Downing, Delph and Beye.

TWO new players in a starting 11 don’t make a new sodding team and if the rest still haven’t worked out how to play together we really are in trouble.

‘We were good enough last season to overcome a lot of hurdles on our way to finishing sixth and that’s what we intend to do again.’

Yeah we overcame lots of hurdles in the second half of last season. No sorry, actually that’s we were came over lots of times surely?

Start as we mean to go though…at least we know what to expect. More Milner at right back, a lack of a plan B (insert everything said last season).

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