Date: 21st February 2009 at 6:19pm
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Martin O’Neill has insisted following the loss to Chelsea that we will bounce back, and whilst the defeat was a disappointment our season isn’t over like some suggest.

Speaking on the official site, O’Neill reminded the fans that being gutted at a 1-0 loss to Chelsea shows how far this club has come in such a relatively short period of time.

We also must not forget, we are sitting with points to spare in 4th place, so whilst dropping from 3rd is annoying, it’s by no means the end of the world.

‘It is a set-back but we are far from finished. That’s the key.

‘We have some really quality players and they are frustrated. But we will bounce back.

‘There is no dent in belief. Absolutely not.

‘We thought we could win the game beforehand and even at half-time.

‘The players, in terms of effort and determination, gave everything as usual. We eventually got beaten but we are still in there fighting.

‘I see the result as a set-back and as a disappointment. That’s all.

‘I think it’s a sign of the progress we have made that we lie in fourth place in the Barclays Premier League now and we go home disappointed.’

Without wanting to find excuses given how thick and fast matches have came lately, and without me wishing to raise the squad depth/signings debates again, O’Neill offered:

‘I thought we looked leggy at the start and Chelsea got into their stride really quickly.

‘They passed it nicely in the middle of the field and managed to get themselves in front.

‘After that, we got into the game and we hit the bar with a free-kick and I thought we were getting a bit of momentum going in the run-up to half-time.

‘In the second half, we had the possession and the territory.

‘We had balls flashing across the box but we were unable to touch it in.’


16 Replies to “We Will bounce Back – The Verdict”

  • Squadron leader any flying pigs out there.


    Good man

    Possession and territory means sweet FA, goals count.

    1 team was full of quality playing in their rightful positions, one team didn’t.

    Guess which team won.

    Any pigs spotted yet squadron leader.

    No, good man

  • And I have to say the free kick Heskey won to get the free kick that Young hit the bar with was harsh but then again Heskey was penalised for nowt in the second half – referee’s! Don’t you love them!

  • Yeah, 48. We had a right back playing on the left and a centre back playing on the right. They had a right back playing on the left. Big ****ing difference, probably why we lost. Anything for a dig, eh?

  • Good ol’ avfc – ain’t it nice to know some people in this world are so predictable. You don’t even have a strong enough grasp on reality to get your facts right – but that’s nothing new … :o)

  • What bunch of sore loosers…You don’t even know the meaning of bad luck when its comes to football. Martin O Neil Good Coach, A.Young one of my Faviorte players, Aston Villa hope get 4th CL Spot(not at the expense of chelsea) But your fans (Not all) Complete and Pathetic A$$ Holes!

  • we’re still keeping you guys in the hunt, so it’s game on again, ui expect us to overtake yu after your next 5 league games, but then we will have to face the top 3 and that is where it can all change. wud still love to see yu guys in the top 4 at the expense of chelsea, but won’t happen..

  • yeah nice one cechurself. sore losers? sore winners more like. i don’t see anything on this page to suggest any villa fan is a sore loser. all i see are chelsea fans looking to gloat, and avfc48 looking to moan again. congratulations on making me dislike chelsea fans again.
    on another note, i thought we would draw and arsenal win – so actually we have gained on them in terms of my predictions!! come on villa! we will bounce back and make the top 4

  • if anything, the early chelsea goal put a rocket up our arse……..from the first stages of the game it was clear they out classed us, we were scared and played like it….after the goal and especially after half time, we outclassed them, played fearless…….i think the later stages of that game showed we deserve the 4th spot….not arsenal, if we can play fearless more often

  • Why would chelski fans gloat? average club with a poor history. ***** ground, no fans, just a rich sugar daddy for an owner

  • cechurself. is there any need to be so unnecessarily abusive? Chelsea played well. You’ve now done the double over us. something few teams will achieve this season. Now why don’t you just go and furiously pleasure yourself til you are raw you rude little richard.

  • I’m not sure if we can talk about history with Chelsea fans anymore, or is it too recent that they won the league 2 seasons in a row to call it that? Not the end of the world, we can still get fourth even with losses to Liv and Man u we just need to make sure there are no more repeats of the Borough and Newcastle games. 6 wins and 2 draws will do.

  • Id be alot more gutted if le arse won but as they keep *****in up its not too bad. 4th should be a realistic target for us. If things dont work out thurs it should set us up for a final last push

  • Most Chelsea fans used to go and watch QPR when they lost, which was regularly before their new money turned up. They’re just a small club in Fulham and only 1 point clear of us with a team of geriatric lovers after their final whistle hugs and kisses on Saturday. Hope we both finish above Liverpool though.

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