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Bit of a boring day links wise today! I’m trying to strike the balance for the summer, I think we might as well do as we usually do, discuss links etc, I think we all know a lot of it is press talk but they do make interesting talking points. I’ll assume that article comments will soon tell me if you don’t think the balance is right!

According to Sky Sports Villa are watching Zenit St Petersburg defender Nicolas Lombaerts and Anderlecht’s Mbark Boussoufa. 24-year-old Belgian defender Lombaerts told the Sport Express he would like to move to an English club: ‘I hadn’t heard about the interest of the English club, but in the future I would like to try myself in one of the top championships, of course.’ However alarm bells are ringing as the Sky report says he has only just returned from a long term injury problem. I’m not sure we could deal with any further heartache could we?!

Meanwhile Anderlecht midfielder Boussoufa is also apparently of interest with scouts from the club supposedly having watched him in action. With 22 people on the pitch how do the press know who our scouts are watching? the Moroccan is apparently valued at around £8.7million, not £8.5 or £8.6 by the way, but exactly £8.7! The player is quoted as saying: ‘I am prepared to leave Anderlecht only if a big offer arrives from a club with a lot of ambition,’ he said.

Arrggghhhhhh…..! One report says that Bolton are looking at alternatives after former Villa defender Gary Cahill was linked to a £12million move to Arsenal. I repeat, Arrggghhhhhh…..!

Scraping the barrel here a little as I’ve seen this nowhere apart from a gossip site but apparently Villa are interested in 22-year-old Liverpool striker Ryan Babel. The 22-year-old Dutchman moved from Ajax to Anfield for £11.5m but hasn’t featured a great deal for Rafa’s team. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… sorry that is just the clock ticking on the first paper report due saying Villa and Liverpool are set to swap Barry and Babel. Hey, they both have surnames starting with a B and with 5 letters. Coincidence? I think not! :o) Wiki on Babel: Click Here

The Daily Mail had an exclusive saying Villa will bid £5million for Hungary defender Roland Juhasz who they say is valued at £5million. Must admit I’d have thought £5.1m but maybe I’m just overestimating! Again with the :o) MON was apparently at the Maurice Dufrasne Stadium last Thursday to watch the 25-year-old who already has 44 caps for his country.

Another report in the Daily Mail says that Villa will ‘raid’ Bramall Lane. NO, don’t worry, we aren’t trying to bring Lee Hendrie back, the report says we want to bid £5million for Kyle Naughton. The 20-year-old full back is being watched by several Premiership teams.


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  • My nephews are Sheffield United fans and have raved about Naughton for a while. They say he will be better than Jagielka. They say that a good coach will get the best out of him.

  • A good coach? Sod it, that is Villa out then….! :o) JOKE.. JOKE… You did sort of line that one up for someone Naz and hey, it might as well be me! :o))))))) Don’t know much at all about Naughton to be fair. I am unsure of that link as well, surely we will have to be looking upward and not at Champ players to push on? NOT digging, just asking for those that seem to have lost the will to debate! And again with the :o)

  • Hate to be a smartarse but I think you’ll find that £8.7m is ?10m, hence the figure.

    Actually, I quite enjoy being a smartarse.

  • LOL JF – The only good coach I know is one from Bodrum Station to Marmaris – it’s so plush comfortable and huge ;o). Seriously – Naughton is a very good player and to say we should not be looking at Lower league players is not right – look at jagielka – came from a lower league team to Everton. Remember when he scored against us in the FA CUP?. He is now a better player than when at United.

  • it was 10m Euro pedro but that didn’t suit the joke… now you’ve ripped it apart and destroyed me in the process. Happy ??!?! lol

  • Naughton was quality at the weekend, looked good on the ball, confident, fast and strong. Everything Zat has promised but failed to deliver!! Like Babel aswell but he’s too much like Gabby in that he’s the unfinished article and not that good dribbling, seems to overrun the ball or just forget to take it with him.

  • I also have to disagree JPF. I think we certainly should look at lower league players whenever they are ‘right’. I remember posting an ironic comment on here ages ago – at a time when Villa were being linked to a lower league player and some were groaning loudly – to the effect that Villa fans should look at David Moyes, who had just signed Joleon Lescott from Wolves, and that I suspected he might do OK. I think he did … :o)

  • How many goals did Juhasz score this season, btw? We may have solved our 20 goals a season problem … :o) Seriously, I love the way the guy gets on the end of so much in the opposition box. For a defender, he could seriously beef up our set-pieces.

  • Boussoufa looks tidy but also looks TINY! He’ll get the s h i t kicked out of him over here!

  • “Boussoufa looks tidy but also looks TINY! He’ll get the s h i t kicked out of him over here!” Hm – like Ash then? :o)

  • Naughton would be a great addition to the squad, may not be starting 11 just yet but he has the potential to be a great defender and break into the England side in time. Babel seems a bit hot an cold, if he was available at a decent price he would be good back up for milner and Ash as he can play on the wing as well.

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