Date: 25th August 2006 at 8:57am
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We’ve had years of rumours, months of speculation and weeks of nail biting but now the takeover so desperately needed has stepped up a gear as Doug Ellis, Jack Petchey (Treffic Ltd) the directors (barring Peter Ellis, durrr) have sold their shares to Mr Lerner. With the percentage he now owns, there is no going back, we’ve a new dawn at the club.

Mr Lerner, WELCOME to this mighty and magnificent club.

The pride has returned and the Lions are about to roar once again!


16 Replies to “Welcome To Randy Lerner”

  • I just hope everyone gives Randy the time he is going to need. I’ve already heard 5Live talk about Villa in Europe next year. By all mean lets dream and aim for the top. But some patience will be needed. Good luck Randy.

  • Were gona win the league, Were gona win the league and now your gona belive us and now your gona belive us and now your gona belive us, Were gona win the league.
    on the *****, on the *****.

  • Welcome to this fantastic club Mr. Lerner. I’m sure you will help this club roar once again!! Now where’s your wallet!

  • any chance you can use your contacts to get him to make an appearance on the pitch sometime in the very near future mr fear?

  • All together now( to the tune of Hey Jude from the beatles)

    Hey Randy,
    You took a chance, you bought our club to make it betteeeerrr,
    Just let us, let us in to your heart,
    And we’ll bring you joy for ever and ever, ever, ever, ever
    Naa, naa, na,

  • Yes – It’s a new dawn, a new era! Villa are back on top! Come on you lions… ROAR! Villa for Europe! Randy for president! Fear for a knighthood! YES YES YES!

  • A Big Welcome Mr Lerner!!!! Any chance of a hospitality box for us Vital Villans? (Well if you don’t ask…..)

  • The rrival of Mr Lerner is long, long overdue. I echo the above sentiments, @welcome to Villa Park, Mr Lerner, you have acquired a great club. With you and MO’N we can be the best again.

  • Thank god you made Mr Lerner, now I don¬ít want to rush you but, Get that cheque book out and let MON loose with it

  • We’re actually about to have a modern, ambitious, progressive board in place. Top quality people in key positions at the club. A CEO perhaps. Expert advertising and marketing people. We’ll actually be run as a 21st century sporting operation should be. Ou

  • thank u randy,u r our saviour make no mistake! randy lerners claret and blue army! now that sounds very good indeed! now we can properly celebrate!

  • Who amongst ever predicted that we would be champions in 81 and euro kings in 82? Realism is good but dreaming is oh so much better. Dare to dream!!

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