Date: 16th July 2007 at 3:14pm
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The official site have confirmed that we are in talks with Marlon Harewood.


The Birmingham Mail report says Villa in talks with ‘star player’.

Sorry, did I say ‘star player?’

The 28-year-old striker was thought to be on the way to Wigan in a £3.7million but the Mail say he is now at Bodymoor Heath talking over terms. Manchester City were also linked but now they have Sven, I’d suggest they might have bigger fish to fry?

Not really the sort of signing to get the juices flowing is it? His record is 56 goals in 170 appearances, not that bad a score ratio but….?

His recent record at West Ham isn’t that bad actually unless you concentrate on last season.

03-04 West Ham 13 goals, (28 appearances)
04-05 West Ham 17 goals, (45 appearances)
05-06 West Ham 14 goals, (37 appearances)
06-07 West Ham 3 goals, (31 appearances)

Got to back the manager I guess, it is his job that is on the line, but I thought we’d be going for top quality, not average players, maybe we are struggling to attract ‘big names’ without the prospect of Europe.

Harewood, an improvement on Luke Moore, Shaun Maloney or Gabriel Agbonlahor?

Still, like my mate says, everyone was asking ‘who the hell is Peter Withe’ all those years back when he signed for us. He soon showed us who the hell he was, and then some!

Martin O’Neill told the official site: ‘We’ve been given the go ahead to speak to the player and we’ll take it from there.’

Hope they both ram the words back down my throat, but this IS NOT what I had expected to be coming into Villa, I thought the days of cast offs was long since gone.

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72 Replies to “West Ham Cast Off To Villa?”

  • I so want to trust MON, and I still do, but this is a strange one! Agree with the article that those players named are better and I would even throw in Ashley Young who started off alongside Carew. Does this mean that Defoe is off the menu? The two players most lambasted during WHU’s poor run last season were Harewood and a certain Mr Reo Coker. I think it’s time to trust MON and rely on his man management techniques to get the bet out of both. I feel a bit like NU fans and WHU fans suffering from that Viduka/Bellamy feeling…

  • Ring-ding-ding-dom-dom he is the CRAY FROG! Can we have a comparison please photo of harewood next to a crazy frog picture. Because its laugh or cry at this stage me thinks. And mr fear can you really mention harewood and withe in the same article!?

  • Go onto Villatalk and see there reaction boys. They are not happy at all and who can blame them. We were told ‘top class signings’ and look what we end up with. If this is a sign of things to come then we are right up the ****! This is not a good day for Villa fans!

  • Nice one Villa, we already had one strong as an ox forward who cant score (Heskey) you saved us from having two. Thanks again

  • I’d prefer a Spurs cast-off up-front me’self. Maybe we’ll get one of those as well and then it won’t seem too bad…

  • Just squad cover, £3.7m is nothing. MON took a look and thought why not. Don’t be so negative……I’d wish we had him in November, even if he only scored four goals !! we may have had an extra eight points from four draws…….get the drift ??

  • While I trust MON absolutely it does show how much further Villa have to travel to attract the really top players. By any stretch of the imagination on his past performances Harewood is only adequate. I know MON has a reputation for making silk purses from unpromising material, so perhaps he is going to do it again. I do hope though, that this is not the level of any other signings we have been promised. In my book Harewood is only squad strength not a future star. I hope I am proved wrong.

  • I’d love to see who they thinkwe should sign, Defoe for 18m? No way, I’d rather stick with Luke. Get behind the manager and show some patience, some fans are acting like spoilt children who don’t like the present they’ve been bought.

  • Do you think harewood is one of the signings that MON was talking about when he said we’d laugh if he told us who they were targeting? I’m beginning to wonder if we misinterpreted what he meant.

  • Disappointed, but he hasn’t signed yet, and if he does we MUST give him a fair chance. Perhaps ‘physical’ cover for Big John as both Gabby and Luke are better playing off a big striker. I still hope we are interested in Defoe, but if we got him (fingers crossed) that would give us five strikers.

  • Can’t see why we need squad cover up front, we have Young, Moore, Maloney, Carew, Agbonlahor and you can bet one of them will want out if they can’t get in the side next season, maybe Luke Moore who I think is a far better, younger and hungrier player than Harewood. This move is not a quality signing surely?

  • there are a lot of players around with a strike rate as good as harewoods, but if youre aiming for the top 6, and you should be, you need some strikers who are more prolific than harewood.

  • Defoe will never come to Villa, he would rather sit on the bench and get the odd run out in Europe…..he’s a flyboy and it’s never gonna happen. MON will mould our own youngsters into players as good as Defoe. Thats what he’s there for, to man manage and get the best from players….did anyone go to the last 10 games last year and watch it unfolding ?

  • Chill, he is strong powerfull pacey forward who will give us cover upfront.Look he can’t score any fewer goals than Angel.

  • I think we’re all agreed that Harewood will be without doubt a squad player IF he signs for us. So when was the last time Villa payed £3.7mil for a player that was going to be used purely as back-up? I see this as progress. He’s cover for Carew and that was needed as Angel and Sutton are now gone.
    Let’s give him a fair crack of the whip!! There will be bigger signings to come i’m still sure!!

  • tylervilla was a difficult one to mention both but just a comparison of where fans have been up in arms before…. no I’m just trying to justify this in my own little head I think!

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