Date: 5th June 2007 at 6:50pm
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1. There is mounting speculation that your skipper Nigel Reo-Coker is about to leave Upton Park, why does he want to leave?

Mr Reo-Coker’s ego exceeds the club, and so he wants to go. He originally wanted to go to one of the ‘top four’, but he’s made it known he wants to leave now so he’s gonna have to put up with you lot.

2. What do you think of Reo-Coker as a player?

When he’s happy and settled, he can actually be quite good. Last season he put in some solid displays, looking like something of a powerhouse, but based on this season’s pathetic performances, he’s been another type of house, if you catch my drift.

3. What do you think about him wanting to leave West Ham!?

He won’t be welcome back here next season, put it that way. If it were another player it wouldn’t be so bad, but he’s meant to be captain of the club.

4. The expected price is in the region of £7-8million. Do you think that is a fair price?

You’re welcome to him at that price. Four years ago we paid £500k for him, and if we get more for him than we pay for Parker/Barton, it’s good business IMHO.

5. Will you be sorry to see him go or glad to see the back of him?

Glad, very glad to see the back of him. We’ve had to put up with each other for long enough, he’s not wanted here and he doesn’t want to be here.

With thanks to Vital West Ham Editor Henry Willis.


22 Replies to “West Ham Fan On Reo-Coker”

  • Anyway, we’ve been missing a good meglomaniac in the dressing room since Hendrie’s left. What’s this about Nakamura coming our way?

  • If he doesn’t sign straight away, he doesn’t want to be here and we don’t want him unless he’s 100% comitted.

  • Wham has not been a happy place for a while now, cant blame him if he wants to go. If he gets too big for his boots John Carew will sort him out. Could be a good move for both him and villa.

  • Worrying that we are willing to pay 7m for a player that a fan can`t wait to get rid of ? Have we ever had the same thing at the Villa ?

  • Talk about sour grapes! If he was so mediocre he wouldn’t have been made club captain at such a young age.

  • england under 21 captain. could hardly be a better player to sign…ok maybe sneijder…

  • He’s playing for under 21’s at the mo and looks a class act, certainly very composed and likes to get forward, something we definitly need at VP.

  • RC,Ash and Cahill all look quality tonight ( ok,it`s Slovakia!! ) If we could have got Milner aswell the future would look bright i guess ?

  • is reo coco better than what we have? I don’t think so. waste of money if you ask me.

  • i like the fact that we have young british talent. Gabby,Cahil,Young,Gardner hopefully reo-coker and theres the 15 yaer old who signed today from our academy

  • Cant see how Okey-Cokey is worth £7m and Davis only £5m, hope he proves a quality signing but i am undecided.

  • He’s a good player, but as Henry says, he’s served his time at West Ham. Being so young he may have learnt from the experience and sort his attitude out when he signs for someone else. I think he could be a good signing – though I’m still happy to see him go.

  • quality player in my eyes who will just get better and better as years go by,just like the rest of our young players.ashley young in 2nd half was out of this world i mean that,what a player he is going 2 be 2.exciting times ahead.UTV

  • Davis is going nowhere but it speaks volumes about the strength of our midfield if M’ON has to choose between Berger, Davis, Okey Coker, Barry, Young, Maloney, Petrov, Gardner, and Osbourne. I am still keen to see quality added to Carew, Gabi and Moore up front and for a new right back. I think this season will be very positive and it is great to know that we are moving in the right direction.

  • MON seems to me to be pretty good at sussing out quickly whether or not he can work with players. He shipped Baros out quick and got Carew in, (As i recall Carew didn’t get on with his Lyon coaching staff). My point is MON knows who he can work with and who he can’t, and that makes me think that NRC may turn out to be a great signing, even with all the negatives being thrown at the lad from the cockneys. I hope he signs, we need that position filled quick!

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