Date: 13th January 2007 at 6:43pm
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This isn’t exactly one of those rumours that will get the claret and blue juices flowing but ho hum!

According to the Times Aston Villa have made an approach for West Ham United for striker Marlon Harewood. The report suggests he will be sold if Hammers boss Alan Curbishley can find a replacement.

As we reported via our podcast the other day, Martin O’Neill appears to be getting more and more frustrated with the transfer window saying:

‘It’s absolutely no different to what I expected. It’s been the same every single January since this foolish rule was brought into being. Every single club in Europe is looking at this window, because it’s the only opportunity to try and do business.’

Adding: ‘By the same token I don’t want to be held to ransom, but obviously at the same time very aware that we’ll like to try and strengthen the squad. All the things that have come into being I expected anyway.’

Not sure what he means by the being held to ransom, although with Watford apparently wanting £9million for Ashley Young, I don’t suppose you have to stretch your imagination too far to guess.


35 Replies to “West Ham Striker Linked To Villa”

  • Marlon Harewood, not exactly one to set pulses racing, but if he gets goals and plays for the team none of us can complain. Are we also starting to see the benefits of a ‘hungry’ Milan Baros, could MO’N do the same for Baros as what he did to Henrik Larsson?

  • Marlon No Thanks!!! but if other targets are un obtainable I guess it adds to the number of mediocre players we already have at the club

  • Lets get this right, we are interested in someone who cant get in the WHAM team but have to wait till they sign a better replacement, surely this ruour is rubbish, the guy is cack in the extreme.

  • he might be cack, but didn’t he get a hattrick against us last season? :o( Probably a load of rubbish rumour anyway, I guess he is the strong type like Hartson who MON signed for Celtic. Have to have faith in MON for whoever he chooses, it is his reputation and job on the line, easier for us to pick and choose!!

  • I personally don’t rate him, always looks tired. Like DV though he always amanges to score against us. No premiership sides are selling or buying, makes sense to be honest

  • Finally some players that make sense I bet he wont be valued over the odds.Was exellent last season.Will be hungry and greatfull for a second chance.

  • Harewood is a sensible short term option. I think MON has been well and truly frustrated in the transfer window and is now looking for solid bargain buys to keep us afloat. Looks as though the serious spending will have to wait until summer.

  • Pking your so right, DJx2 1.5 million…. MON has to be concerned about Villas current position, I am. When you hear on 5 Live about Villa joining Middlesbrough in the relegation dog fight you tend to have a reality check, points and players needed and soon.

  • Harewood makes Angel look like a world conquering Galactico type striker, surely with a billionaire in charge we should be aiming higher than Harewood, after all WHAM obviously are.

  • New faces are needed. Enough said. If we cant bring in MON’s first choices for whatever varying reasons, we have to set our sights lower, and build from a rung or two lower down the ladder. Rebulding after years and years of stagnation and neglect will take time, but we absolutely have to make a start. This current squad will struggle to keep us out of an end of season fight for survival.

  • It’s a bit worrying if you assume Curbishley will only let him go if he gets someone better. Doesn’t do much to inspire us, having a poor club’s rejects. I think its time to batton down the hatches and just hope we can avoid the drop this season again.

  • Marlon Harewood… WHU are in the shyt why would they be selling him,,,,,,, Not good enough? Need to raise Money?? Is he not up to it??? Another link with another player. Just go and Offer Chalton 10 million for Bent NOW before the window closes.

  • only last week on this site someone was arguing with me, saying MON knows what he’s doing! well if he signs harewood, along with 1 manc castoff I rest my case, lets hope i’m wrong

  • Villa will sign 3 players this week, Harewood, Burke (glasgow rangers) Robbie Keane and Young, yes thats 4 discount 1 not sure which 1, HONEST……………..

  • Glensider- surely its not worth bringing new faces in just for the sake of it (Djemba a perfect example). You must agree Harewood is no better than what we have already and probably worse, so please tell me the reason for buying him?

  • Glensider is kind of right though, £8m for Ashley Young is absolutely stupid money, how can a forward who has scored 3 goals this season at the premierships basement club be valued at £8 – £9 million. If thats the case what price for Gabby Abonglahor? I beleive O’Neill has several targets that he wants to pursue, but what can he do if the clubs won’t sell them and the players won’t join? We would have had SWP by now had Abramovich not blocked his move, how is that MO’N’s or Lerner’s fault? Reading didn’t want to sell Kevin Doyle, again how is that O’Neill’s fault? Nugent doesn’t want to move from Preston till at least next season? If we went out and signed Young for £8m i’d expect him to be doing the business straight away, and by that I mean bagging and setting up goals galore, if we spent £8m on a player and he turned out to be a Collymore, then what would be the point? Fans will never be happy, you either try and sign players that don’t want to join, and if they don’t join you have to look elsewhere for people that would join. Would we all be having this conversation if Harewood joins and scores 10-12 goals in between now and the end of the season? No, you;ll be loving it too much and saying what a masterstroke it was to sign him, much like the majority of people are saying now about one Chris Sutton….

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