Date: 16th May 2018 at 2:40pm
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The West Midlands police have tweeted that they are looking closely at CCTV football and EGT (whatever that is?!) and will issue Football Banning Orders.

They said:

“CCTV and EGT footage as well as Sky footage will be checked and any person identified doing more than entering the pitch ie goading Middlesbrough Fans or holding Pyro will be invited for interview and receive an FBO and or 3 yr club ban.”

They had tweeted earlier saying that one individual had already been arrested.

Some of the replies weren’t exactly complimentary in their response, others agreed with the actions.

One was a valid question, as I did wonder why the police had lined up at the North Stand end then didn’t stop anyone going on the pitch:

I’m not totally sure they have said they are going to publish the photos of those on the pitch? There are enough photos and selfies doing the rounds anyway and they can’t (and say that themselves) arrest everyone who went on the pitch. All a bit daft isn’t it?!

And a bit of clarification as quite a few fans asked what constituted goading, as fans goad other fans all match long usually. The WM police explained:

Two top lads, not sure I agree it is ‘our grass’ though. It’s the field of play, not somewhere fans go unless invited.

Not sure why, but this little exchange did make me laugh, the response from the Yorkshire Lions is very good!

Kevin is obviously not a fan of pitch invasions:

Magpie however, just sees it as harmless fun:

And a final one, I have to agree, the police did line the North Stand and then idly stood by as people went onto the pitch. It seemed a bit odd. If they weren’t going to stop people, there really was no need to be there was there?

And another tweet on a similar theme:

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