Date: 18th July 2006 at 8:36pm
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Kevin Phillips has broken ranks and told Sky Sports News: ‘We are completely supportive of our manager, all his staff and our chairman. I am sure the board, the manager and I know the team will pull together.’

What a load of crap Kevin. Do you really expect us to believe that everything is tickety-boo? Ok for you, I’d be supportive on £20k a week or more, but how can we have a statement one minute – and the statement came from some of the players, of that there is no doubt, no amount of denials will negate that fact – and this the next?

He also claimed: ‘We all think there has been too much discussion about matters off the field at Villa. Unfortunately this seems to have broken into a feeding frenzy. The fact is the players just want to play football and our squad is no different.’

So we’ve had the chairman insult the fans intelligence, the manager insult the fans and now a player is insulting us. Do they really think we are that stupid?


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  • The majority if players dont care about the Dol”s expensive cups of coffee and his dry training pitches. That is what the players I have spoken to have said. Its DOL that is the porblem not Ellis. The 3 players Soresen, Angel and Berger were put up to it

  • You can lead a horse to water but………. Certainly reflects a split in the squad though, some are trying their best to speak of the problems then these sort of statements come out to completely contradict the good work done.

  • So…we’ve got a lousy manager, an awful chairman, a group of players that have split ranks and fans that aren’t renewing their season tickets….favorites for relegation anyone???

  • I only got to read up on this yesterday and it is absolutley amazing, mutiny, I love it, the Star journo’s side was compelling and I had no idea old man Ellis was 82, he probably cant even drive anymore, no idea what he is doing at the head of a EPL club.

  • Well Phillips is entitled to his opinion of course, and the right to state it, but surely he’s not expecting the supporters to suddenly believe all is hugs and kisses at B6?

  • There is an interesting article in the Guardian entitled the House that Doug built… very interesting and a bit of a history lesson.

  • Phillips can say what he likes. He certainly hasn’t been doing his talking on the pitch. I’ve lost all respect for that little runt.

  • Who is Kevin Phillips anyway? He’s only been at VP for 12 months and has hardly set the world alight. We still need answers from Doug though. He can’t have it both ways…there is either a rift between chairman and team or there is a split in the dressing

  • Ellis wont leave, he wont sack o’leary and he wont buy any players…unless we turn the heat up hotter than ever before, we can wait until the AGM for action! If we let this opportunity go we could see another 5 seasons of this before we get another chanc

  • I’m sick of all the player propaganda comments like “it’s all fine”, “everything’s great”. It clearly isn’t great. Is phillips really happy that we are trying to sell our players but have absolutely nobody lined up. His comments have really annoyed me!

  • sit on the fence like you sat on the bench or on the treatment table Kev…you can say it as many times as you want BUT ALL IS NOT WELL AT AVFC end of

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