Date: 14th February 2018 at 2:09pm
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Our new poll asks how many more games you think Villa will win, DeanoVilla has looked at what we’ll need for automatic promotion.

Just spotted the poll on the right hand side which seemed to suggest we need another 11 wins from our remaining 15 games to assure auto promotion, so it got me wondering, historically is that accurate?

Below are the amount of points that would have secured automatic promotion in seasons gone by –

2016/17 – 86
2015/16 – 89
2014/15 – 87
2013/14 – 86
2012/13 – 78
2011/12 – 87
2010/11 – 81
2009/10 – 80
2008/09 – 81
2007/08 – 76
2006/07 – 85
2005/06 – 82
2004/05 – 86
2003/04 – 80
2002/03 – 81
2001/02 – 84
2000/01 – 87

So the mean average over the last 17 seasons would be 83.3 (lets round up to 84 points).

The median average also happens to be 84 points.

To be on the safe side lets set a target of 87. Only once in the last 17 years has it been required to achieve more than 87 points to gain auto promotion.

So that means we need another 28 points.

9 wins and a draw.
8 wins and 4 draws.

I think we’re more than capable of that. Premiership here we come!

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10 Replies to “What Do Aston Villa Need For Automatic Promotion?”

  • I voted for 6 to 10 wins, and believe 9 or 10 is a realistic target. That, I think, is promotion, especially after Derby failed to win last night. Derby and Cardiff are the main threats obviously, but both have some hard games too, including coming to Vil

  • Fulham v Villa – 0 -1
    Villa v Preston – 2-0
    Wednesday v Villa – 1-2
    Villa v QPR – 3-1
    Sunderland v Villa – 0-2
    Villa v Wolves – 1-1
    Bolton v Villa – 0-1
    Hull v Villa – 1-2
    Norwich v Villa – 1-1
    Villa v Cardiff 1-1
    Villa v Leeds 2-1
    Ipswich v Vi

  • Its probably just as important that if we do lose games, they aren’t when Cardiff or Derby come to VP. Fulham look dangerous too, they are on a run similar to ours at the moment

  • We’re just about two-thirds of the way through the season. We’re looking good lately, very good. But, there seems to be a feeling that promotion is pretty much done and dusted. Things are so tight that one small blip could be disastrous. It’s not so long

  • Really do need to win against our rivals , they are ‘6 pointers’ , starting with Fulham which would open up a big gap between us and them, we need to keep the pressure on. We have the squad and they must be utilised well. A big positive is that we have ma

  • Any one of the present top 6 teams at the moment are 6 pointers but it almost as important not to lose against them so any draw against would be nearly as good.

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