Date: 3rd August 2006 at 1:51pm
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Before I say anything else in this article, get well soon Roy, take care of yourself first, work comes a very very long way down the list of priorities in comparison to health.


Aston Villa are now not only leadership lacking at the top of the club whilst Ellis plays some sort of……. I’ll stop there.

Now the team jet off on the pre-season tour without a manager as Roy Aitken, the current caretaker manager, has had to withdraw so he can continue to recover from recent surgery to remove a tumour.

So, we have no real Chairman, just an 82-year-old called the menace of B6. We have no finance director, no CEO, no manager or assistant manager, we have no new players and we have fans, shareholders and press who have NO idea what is going on. Talk about a rudderless ship.

This is a terrible way to treat such a magnificant and mighty club.

Aikten told the official site:

‘When the manager left a couple of weeks ago, I was asked to take temporary charge and I came back to work earlier than I should have. But a pre-season tour, with all it entails, is a step too far at this stage and its probably best that I leave it to people who are fully fit and able to work to full capacity.’

Adding: ‘The Chairman has been very fair and backs my decision to take a back seat for a few weeks and put my own health first.’

So where exactly is this club at the moment? I tell you what, even the people ‘in the know’ don’t have a clue. We’ve basically become a farce.

For the love of all things Claret & Blue Doug, STEP ASIDE and let the others get on with negotiating the takeover deal. Either that, or maybe Ellis should take on the managers role and resign from the board, lets face it, he’s tried everything else.


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  • Can we change the banner at the top to say 13 managers, 1 crock and 1 goalkeeping coach and still no success – Doug Ellis For the love of all that is Claret & Blue, GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good luck Roy. You’re Villa through and through.

    We’ll be relegated this season if we’re not sorted out before kick off. Then how much will the club be worth?


  • Isn’t obvious whats happening …..Doug is trying to discredit the consortuims one by one….he seems to have suceeded with the neville bid ….with a good deal of fans (wrongly) oppossed to this bid in my opinion.

    The other consortuims are being starv

  • The circus rolls on then..soon they’ll be stopping all bets on Villa getting relegated, never mind who the new manager is…This is painful stuff. I don’t think the supporters have ever been as angry and frustrated as they are now, you couldn’t make this

  • The club’s like a circle with corners and stumbling blocks, no direction, hits lots of bends, reaches corners but still ends up going the same way, has no means to an end, and cannot change direction!

    Similar sentiment expressed on ‘Villa Talk’ web site – but posted before the announcement of Roy Aitken (get well soon) pulling out of the tour.
    Surely, medically speaking, this (Roy Aitken) must have been known well before now!

  • this all leads to an anouncment of the new gaffer.
    aitken will be replaced and wont return (wrongly in my opinion)

  • Surely (hopefully!!) this is purely to stop any embarassment for Aitken. It would be a bit humiliating for him if a new management team go out to the tour and he has to step aside if he was on tour, at least this is a bit more dignified for him.

  • Surely it cant get any worse. Dougs buggering up our chances of being took over and getting a decent manager, and the care taker manager we do have is crocked. Still no new players by the way and at one point we had a multi billionaire knocking on the doo

  • Just hears that O neil has promised Ellis a decision by the weekend – Ellis had set a deadline of 5pm today…….Is the first crack appearing, and that O Neil is going to reject us ??? – doesn’t sound promising does it ?

  • O’Neill is well renowned for not being rushed into anything! If Doug really has set him a deadline then I think the deal is off! Greame Souness anybody? No seriously….

  • What has Aston Villa got? Good question. Cahill sent the City down.

    We have history and tradition. Cahill sent the City down.We are one of only four English European Champions. We are the biggest club (by some considerable margin) in the midlands, with

  • Reading between the many lines of this farce, it seems to be Still v Lerner, with O’Neill waiting for one of them to sign on the dotted line. In the meantime, the sly old Menace of B6 continues to haggle – not in the best interests of fans (as a small sha

  • Voiceoftheholte, when you 8 Doug, did you get an upset stomache? Does this also mean that Lerner has to deal with Peter Ellis as Doug has been eaten by you? If this is all true I’m sure that many of us want to congratulate you but I’m not too sure about

  • I hate to be one of the negatives and depress us all voiceoftheholte but we need to see the situation for what it is so that we keep the pressure up for change. We have a goalkeeping coach running our pre season tour. I just dont want us to miss out on a

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