Date: 16th September 2012 at 1:21pm
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Fans reaction to the 2-0 win over Swansea for the mighty Villa:

Thought I`d start with a Swansea fans post first… shows a nice touch of class this:

Well done Villa, you just wanted it a bit more than us today. Paul Lambert did a job on us again, closed us down, gave our wingers no room and prevented our full backs from getting forward. A bit lucky with the goals but overall you deserved the win. Good luck with the rest of the season. A Swans fan.
Phil W

Then onto Villa…

happy days!

17 goal attempts and 13 on target,unheard of.Played well and the work rate was blistering,job well done. Benteke scored first game and everyone worked hard for the team,it’s all starting to look very good,superb.

Hold on…I don’t seem to have anything to moan about ? Well done Villa !

I’d just like to say – that was an excellent performance from the Villa. I’ve stayed up til 2 in the morning to watch that with a bunch of fellow Villa supporting mates and we are all jumping from seeing a side that looked like a work in progress, but still delivered the goods. Guzan – faultless, won everything in the air and his point blank save in the second half was awesome. Vlaar and Lowton look like two of the best defensive signings ever. Benteke – missed a sitter but scored on his debut and looks like everything Bent isn’t, passes well, deft little flicks, I’ll give him plenty more games to settle in cos he looks great so far. Ireland – brilliant performance, Bannan as well. Most importantly – we chased lost balls, ran into space intelligently, didn’t even think about sitting back after going a goal in front. An absolute pleasure to watch, wish I’d been in Brum for that one ! UTV ! 🙂

EVERY player gave it their all! Today’s performance was a breath of fresh air from last year. With this team, we can take on any team in the PL! UTV!

Commentator: ‘In a few weeks time, Swansea will look on at this result, and it won’t be so bad. This seems to be the turning point for Villa’s season’ says it all really. Great stuff lads! Worth staying up for

Great performance, just wait till they have played more games together. Was a pleasure to watch the game today.

the great thing is that we have only one ‘tough’ game until end Oct. so plenty of time to settle before we have that remarkable 3-fixture-run which was presumably designed to seal our fate by Xmas. Plus we can go into the COC game against citeh and play to win rather than for a point….will be interesting.

Fantastic effort from everyone today! Still plenty of room for improvement!

Bloody hell – we bought on virtually three attacking players!!! I always said Bent was rubbish, the King is dead, long live the Krakan – that’s what I’ve decided to call Benteke because he’s a scary bloke! I cannot believe we have won. Seriously, aren’t Swansea the new Arsenal? not today they aren’t. This season is going to be crazy. We’ve been starved of good stuff for so long that I’m rapturous! Look at the bench..Nzo, Gab, Benteke. That’s a dangerous bench. And if the rest of the subs can perform, then we look like we have strong squad already, depth too. Vlaar is worryingly class – top man!

Just got in from a night out and was greeted by the score. Excellent! The states look good – apart the bookings – again…..
Pride of Lions

Malacaxeta- abbreviate it LC next time will ya hadn’t a clue what you were on about for a minute there ha… Anyways that was the most confident and assured performance iv seen from Villa in a long time… Excellent just excellent faultless to say the least… While Bannan was good he still has a lot to work on…

lol so how many people posting here still actually live in England ? Just curious… no I don’t, incase you were wondering hehe. So stoked about today’s performance. We were great. Next ! UTV

Just got back in and i am still buzzin, really proud of Villa’s effort desire to win the ball commitment the lot absolutely brill man, Benteke lol he is gonna be a player for us alright, its just nice to see Villa back to winning ways against a good footballing side, UTV!!

What on earth is going on? This isn’t right at all!

19 minutes and 1 goal for Benteke. 13 out of 17 on target. Happy days. Lambert has proved in a short space of time that he’s more than capable. It won’t be 3 points every week but at least we’ll try EVERY week. Boo boys from the Everton game have got to give him some slack and cheer the lads regardless. The future is bright once again and that’s not from 1 win. The effort, togetherness and intent is exciting!!

100% work rate, and quality football too. Haven’t seen that in years. And Benteke scoring on his debut. Yup, not a bad day at all!
Stephen Jay Hawkings

Fantastic result and performance. The most pleasing thing for me is the effort and work rate from every single one of them. It’s been years since I’ve seen a Villa team really fight and sweat it out for the manager and the shirt. The back four were solid and I am so impressed with Lowton. Holman is an absolute machine, he doesn’t stop! Benteke looks very promising, I think we have a new hero! Great to see Vlaar take the armband, he and Clark are looking solid together. Top marks to Mr Lambert, spot on! Here’s to the first home win of many!
Lion Heart

Need to add ‘eke’ to my shirt.

Wow, effort again, looking better each game and like already mentioned most important thing is we don’t revert to defense mode after we go ahead, brilliant

I watched the game and the moment Benteke touched the ball, I noticed that Bent saw some real competition and put in a million times more effort. It was a great sight to see such a competitive mind even from the first choice striker. And I also though Westwood was good. Holman was full of energy today and it even made me giggle when I saw him blister in to make a challenge. Benteke was a trouble too when he came on showing skill and flare and also lots of strength. Ireland never played his best and El Ahmedi lost the ball a few times but still good at passing and also had a shot. Bannan was very involved I noticed which was good. Lowton was good I thought, very good down the wings and a cracking volley from outside the box. Vlaar and Clark very good as usual, Lichaj was very good also. N’Zogbia looked good partnering with Benteke and I thought Guzan was just world class, some brilliant saves when Swansea had some cracking and hard to save shots, I think he will be our first choice keeper now. Overall an amazing game and also a great chuckle with the parents. Mum looking bonkers holding a balti pie for 45 minutes and looking very much like a meerkat and dad tripped over a little girl whilst trying to get down to his seat after half time.
Avfc94 we do

I’m soooo happy. What a game, massively entertaining, great atmosphere, top top effort. This is it boys! The mighty Aston Villa are rising again! Had such a great day. We need to get those lost fans back and raise the attendance to over 40,000 against the Tesco Bags.

What a great result to wake up to. It wasn’t on Sky NZ but highlights are on Monday eve so I’m really looking forward to them now. Pleased for our new signings, brilliant. UTV.
holte ender 1969

gotta make mention of Brett Holman – absolutely tireless and MOTM for me. great win, we look solid – and we haven’t looked solid for some time.

Great work ethic, well played lads!!

Been saying all week we’d win 2-1 by the lads did better than that! Great result against a form side of course but the most pleasing thing was the manor of our performance, the energy and passion in defence matched with the possession and attacking play was a delight to watch. PL is the new king! Loved how every sub PL hugged his players coming off and gave them huge pats on the back, something we haven’t seen at Villa Park in a while. Well done lads let’s go on a run now! UTV

Absolutely delighted and relieved……this must be a turning point for us. Gotta be confident now and push on. Yes Villa!

what a relief, and that was against a very nice passing side. Love that.
The Fear

Glad I wasn’t the only one who was relieved when that second goal came – Mr Fear. Really happy with what I watched yesterday. Well worth the trip up from Basingstoke (my first game at Villa park since the MON days), after the rubbish we Villa fans have been asked to pay for over the last two seasons. However lets not get carried away as we could of lost that game if not for some really good individual performances from my MotM Guzan, the workhorse Holman and new Captain Fantastic Vlaar. Glad that I now have my confidence in Villa back :-)))

So, so, so refreshing.

What 444 said ^^^
The Fear

Its good to come home happy, and go with confidence. Yes!!!

A night and day difference from the utter rubbish that we’ve become used to over the last couple of years. We look like we have confidence and it just shows the difference between Lambert and McLeish, imo.

Clean sheet. 2 goals, loads of shots.. Can’t wait for motd 🙂

Let’s give Big Eck credit for signing Holman.

Arrived back in Brum this morning after a week in Ibiza. If I’d have gone to a Villa game after a week in Ibiza last season I would have been suicidal tonight. As it is the win and the confidence inspiring performance from Paul Lambert’s Claret & Blue Army capped a great end to a fantastic week. How many new Holte Heroes were born today? Vlaar even got granted God’s song, Holman proved himself to be the singularly best thing AM ever did for The Villa (Nice parting gift), Lowton scored a screamer & Guzan won over any doubters that there may have still been. Happy, happy days. UTV. Buzzin…!!
Adam Deuce

So so so agree with everyone. 🙂

Its going to take a season of these performances to make the players, supporters realise Villa have the potential to again fill the ground with true supporters who will back the club 100% with the right manager and the right ‘Villa ethos’

Excellent game, top quality from every player 😀
Green Villan

Wish we were paying again today!! Absolutely pumped up!!

Well done you Villa boys.
holte ender 1969

I could read these comments all day……Such a refreshing comparison with the last couple of seasons. Well actually there isn’t any comparison….Lol UTV!
Pride of Lions

Fair play PiperUK, agree it was a good move by the big guy.

Worth staying up for that, an excellent performance.
Aussie Villain

So chuffed with yesterday’s performance! Let’s hope this is the start of a positive but realistic season for us! Does anyone else think that bent had a shocker? His work rate was top notch but he just doesn’t seem like the man that’s gonna score us goals this season!
Aldridge villan

Not sure about Bent as only saw MoTD coverage but it did seem like he was more than capable of linking well with Benteke. Maybe he’s substituting his scoring for link play or maybe he’s not as fit as we think he is. Either way, if he keeps nodding the passes on for Benteke I couldn’t care.

Lambert deserves the credit also imo, fair enough the players did play well but he has created a team spirit from the down mentality the players and fans had last season and by adding players created competition for places, oh and great tactics, so my hat is also off to you Sir Lambert! UV!

Aldridge!!! that’s my home town too. Have to agree with you that Bent seemed not up for it yesterday, Ashley Williams was much quicker to the ball and he didn’t win a header till well into the second half. He won’t get his England place back on that display. I was really relieved when Benteke scored, as Swansea could really have won the game with the way they played in the first 20 mins (thank God for Guzan) and their determination to get back an equalizer in the second half. We really do need to kill games off earlier. What was the Ref doing yesterday, he must need glasses with all the handballs he missed. He was dreadful. I now live down in Basingstoke, so this was my first visit to Villa park since the MON days, as I refused to waste my hard earned money on the last two seasons Dross, but God how i have missed it!!! My wife’s first visit yesterday to our hallowed ground and Lowton’s goal will be remembered by us both, I’m sure. Holman was amazing today and I can well understand his votes in Mom, he never stopped running, however Vlaar made many interceptions that snuffed out any Swansea revival and showed true class. However for me Guzan kept us in the game, without him Swansea would have took the lead and got a strong hold on the game. He really was brilliant today. Given must be wondering when he will get back in the team, as will Gabby, who looked not happy on the bench with his Shirt in his mouth on the MOTE showing. I’m so happy that Villa now have options in reserve, because with picking up 3 yellow cards in defence yesterday, I’d hate to think we have to rely on Warnock or Hutton. Benteke has now made it really competitive upfront with Gabby surely now 4th Choice, I hope Lambert pushes everyone to challenge and that the dressing room remains positive. Can’t wait to see what team he puts out for the Southampton game, a game I thought we would lose after how they played against Man City, but now I have more confidence that we can get a result there and then push on for a Home win against the Baggies. Long live the new Lambert youthful side and hopefully Good riddance to the Dross we had to put up with the last two seasons. VTID

It was my first return to Villa Park since my self-imposed exile over Mcmuppet, and I must admit that I was pretty pessimistic going into the game – but I couldn’t have been more wrong. What I saw were two teams actually playing football, I can’t remember the last time I saw that at Villa Park!! Excellent performance, and Benteke looks class!! I think I’ll be back on a regular basis now…!!