Date: 3rd January 2012 at 3:11pm
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With the correct sound of Swansea fans baiting us yesterday with ‘boring boring Villa` and the Baggies fans singing hoof hoof, I thought I`d look back at what other editors have said when I`ve asked them their opinion of Alex McLeish:

Blackburn interview: Rovers23

I like McLeish as a manager, although I don`t think he is anything special. I know I wouldn’t`t have minded ex-Burnley manager Owen Coyle in charge of Rovers despite his history, so I think you should give him a chance.


It was very interesting to see McLeish move over to your lot and your fans reactions were very entertaining 😉


6) What do you think of Villa and what is your opinion of Alex McLeish?

Personally I have to say that Aston Villa is not one of my favourite clubs. Ashley Young was a diving, overrated player (though he looks much better at United). I`m not a fan of Birmingham as a city either. However I really feel for the fans at the moment. You lost perhaps your two best players, and your new manager is one of the most overrated manager in football, in my opinion. He got your neighbours relegated, so I really don`t know why you signed him over Mark Hughes.


5) What do you think of Villa and what is your opinion of Alex McLeish?

Villa has almost always been a good match but the relationship was soured at your place with the reaction of some muppets to our relegation. 6-0 was a fair reply. As for McLeish, we can understand why some of your supporters might be upset by his appointment but at least we won’t be getting Steve Bruce.

And a second:

5) What do you think of Villa and what is your opinion of Alex McLeish?

Is he not at Birmingham like?

{lol JF}


I think he’s got a good knack for organising teams and making team difficult to beat – first and foremost that seems his mantra which doesn’t allow for fantastic attacking endeavour. It doesn’t make for tremendous entertainment if your ambitions are beyond keeping a clean sheet but nevertheless it can be effective in terms of building a competitive squad. While he wouldn’t have been the first choice of many at Villa Park, supporters will need to get behind him and use that steely determination that the Scotsman can provide.


I don`t like McLeish, I don`t rate him as a manager, too defensive and having taken Birmingham down twice speaks volumes about his credentials as a Premier League boss

Villa? I`ve always liked Villa from the Cowans, Withe, Shaw and Morley days, a flair team with good players, that`s another reason why I think you have the wrong man in charge.

Man City

We always have some great banter with The Villans and now you have our Three Irish Musketeers (Given, Dunne and Ireland) on board and we have your Three English Gents (Barry, Milner and Taylor) there`ll always be that bit of extra affinity between our squads. We were following similar paths for a while until of late. Still, there`s still something of the sleeping giant about The Villa that suggests this could be a solid season. I`m not a McLeish fan based solely upon his mutual arslikhan with Taggart at the swamp.


You’re a blot on an otherwise lovely Aston! Hate you when you win, quite like you when you roll over and let us take all 3 points. Hopefully I’ll be liking you this weekend again.

McLeish was a weird choice though, hardly got a track record in the league has he? Who were the back up options, Tony Mowbray, Gordon Strachan 🙂


A good fit for now (bar the Birmingham link!). He won’t push you back into the sort of positions that Martin O’Neill managed but he will probably get Villa firing enough to get back on a stable basis and pushing back into the top-half. After that, I have my doubts.


I`ve got a lot of respect for Villa. I like the history of the club and Villa Park is a fantastic, unique stadium. I`m fairly ambivalent re. McLeish though, he`s kind of ‘meh’ as far as I`m concerned.


Nothing against Alex, because I think he is a very decent manager, though perhaps a little cautious in terms of playing not to lose as opposed to looking to win. Not the Villa way I would imagine. It is easy to say from someone who cares little for what happens, but I would have loved to see Villa take a gamble on someone like Nigel Adkins, who has worked miracles at Southampton. Although I was pleased that Roberto Martinez, showed such loyalty to Wigan in honouring his contract, I wonder if both he and Villa will regret that decision, as I feel he could have been a great choice for you.


I can’t think why Aston Villa would appoint Alex McLeish at all. It’s bad enough bringing in the manager from your arch rivals, but not just that, he’s not the most appealing of managers is he? He’d be the complete opposite to what would suit us if we had to look for a new manager. He did well to get Birmingham promoted but his style of football is boring to say the very least. The appointment must have annoyed every Villa fan for more reasons than one and while Villa should be aiming for top 7/8, and you’re there at the moment, I can’t see it lasting for long while McLeish is still in charge.

Man Utd:

Will I be chastised if I suggest you appointed the wrong man? Looking back, it`s hard to see why he was appointed. Would Mark Hughes not have been a better option? Ron Saunders was the last, great manager you had!


As for McLeish, I’m 50/50. I think he is a capable manager, as winning the League Cup showed, but there is something about him that doesn’t seem right. I understand that he brings a form of football that is not necessarily pleasing on the eye but has been effective in the past. But that is what they said about Megson, which is where we came in.


I’ve watched your last few televised games and was utterly shocked at how bereft of ideas you looked. I’m unsure if this is how you’ve performed consistently but the grumblings I’ve heard from your fans I’d hazzard a guess that it was. I’m not sure who was incharge of hiring McLeish, but he’d just got a team relegated, it’s hardly a positive move from your board. Villa seemed to be on the march a couple of seasons ago, indeed we had a great battle for the CL spot, but it seems as though you’ve fallen by the wayside somewhat. Of course you haven’t been helped by those moneybags clubs we talked about earlier.


And the bravery award goes to… (drum roll) Alex McLeish! I respect him in a way for ignoring all jibes and letting all abuse go over his head in order to climb up the career ladder. Would I be brave enough to do what he did? Perhaps not, but if it was me, stupidity would overrule my bravery and I`d go for it anyway. What was absolutely crucial for him to win over the fans was make an instant impact at Villa, and unfortunately for the Scott, I don`t think he`s done that really. Villa do have good players and are capable of producing some quality football, as perfectly demonstrated under the management of Martin O`Neil. But the ghost of manager past will haunt Alex and the fans, as I am sure you will agree. Granted you are not in the worst of positions – just look at Bolton – so there is time, and a transfer window, to ease the pressure on your greying ginger gaffer. Have faith and hang on there as I`m sure that he will start to turn things around. Time is of the essence, and sometimes things just won`t sit for you, but if you ride it out and gain some consistency with your play, then something is bound to turn for you and for the better. What is important for you, the fans, is to back the manager. He`s yours now, nobody else`s, so don`t lose faith in his ability, after all no matter how much you`d like to, you don`t have the deciding vote as to his position at the club. Influential yes, but not deciding. Stick with him for now, and make your final judgements after the January transfer window, because you never know, that one player could make a major impact on the squad and to your fortunes.


I watched the Liverpool game last weekend and was shocked at how poor you were, although those two early goals didn`t help your cause. I was shocked when McLeish was offered the job and looking at how Birmingham played under him I can see why 96% of your poll vote wanted him out!

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