Date: 7th June 2009 at 11:33am
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Vital Villa asked in our last poll, following links for Ashley Young to Chelsea, Spurs and Real Madrid:

At What Price Would You Sell Ashley Young?

54% said no price, Villa should not sell him.

Now 18% voted £15million. WHAT? I hear you cry. Yup, I think – and one Spud admitted this – that some of our opposition fans decided to get him cheap. Trouble is these polls don’t actually affect his transfer price… ha, tricked you! ;o)

14% voted £40million, 10% £30million and 4% £20million. Shame the results were spoilt by stupid voting really but hey ho, not as bad as war and famine so I’ll not stress!

Our latest poll asks a straight yes or no to Michael Owen.

Last time we were linked and asked the results were:

Yes, yes and thrice yes (49%)
No, too many injuries (33%)
Wouldn’t say no but would rather alternatives (15%)
Unsure (3%)


25 Replies to “What Price Would You Sell Young For?”

  • sorry guys couldn’t resist it.good player i really don’t believe will be going anywhere.

  • We just need bloody players, and if we have cash why not buy the players we are linked with and not swap, Spurs need cash to buy and they aren’t happy with Jenas or Bentley, I say get both players for 20m Spurs will be happy to have cash to spend and to get rid of two players who just aren’t doing it for them, we get two English players that MON will be able to turn to super stars, we get Owen and we buy a couple of cheap defenders that are doing the rounds at the moment, i would also like Tuncay as a squad player.

  • With Young, you can’t ask what’s he’s worth to buy, it’s what would it cost to attract and pay for an equal player. I reckon £30million to cover transfer fee and wages.

    And Owen? Hmmm, let’s look at alternatives first please.

  • How about a cheeky bid for Schneider from Real madrid and Owen on a pay if you play contract???

  • An Alternative to Owen ?? Sorry mate but there isn’t anyone else that is English unless your thinking of Defoe, Otherwise your going to have to go abroad and i don’t think you can get someone as good as Owen, we kept Laursen injury free for along time, and when Owen is fit he can win us games on his own with service.

  • I’m sure that MON could turn bentley into a good player again. He just didn’t cut it for us (apart from his stunning goal against the Scum). he was never going to dislodge Lennon who will only get better. Jenas – a different story. he’s either very good or absolute crap. his problem is no consistency. You’re welcome to him. As for Ashley Young, it was a great pice of business on MON’s part to sign him. I was really sorry that we missed him. he’s just what we need on the left to balance the team and allow Modric to move inside where he can do much more damage.

  • Come on, fellas, 40 million is downright dumb! 30 million will be overpriced and 20-22 million is the right price.

  • I think over 20 mil would be too much, he still has his quiet games and is still learning. Would like to think MON is ignoring any talk of Ash leaving and is concentrating on additions to the team..

  • Not really, the importance he is to the team you can’t replace him, and he is a brillent prospect for the future.

  • Ash ain’t goin anywhere! ….Here’s a thought though to replace Barry.
    Left footed, central midfielder who could do a similar professional job.
    THOMAS HITZELSPERGER….I’m starting the bring back “Die Hammer”campaign!!

  • Mellberg and ‘Der Hammer’. Now that’s a thought. We MUST NOT sell Ashley at any price IMO. If he was adamant he wanted to go (and I don’t thinkl he is for a minute) Villa WILL play hard ball and demand silly money for him (about £30m). You have topay way over the odds these days to get that player that has something just that little bit special. My first choice for a signing this summer would be ex Blue Nose, Matthew Upson. Are West Ham still in financial trouble? As a dominant left footed C/H he would be perfect to play alongside Davies or Cuellar. Naughton as cover at right back. Bentley, Huddlestone (or Defour) and Downing in midfield plus Owen up front and I think we have a seriously good squad. Add Olly and Hitz and C/L here we come! Easy isn’t it!!!

  • £45M. If we got any less we still wouldn’t be able to fill the void with 2 or 3 decent players. Barry aside, we may as well pack up and go home if we let him go in the next 5 years. Maybe we could get the Scouse scum out of financial trouble and give them £10M for Gerard. That would confuse Barry wouldn’t it!!! ha ha ha…

  • Would sell him to a top 4 team/european giant if he wanted to go for 40m, but Spurs??? What a joke

  • Lets just put things into perspective for a minute, Barry left because he has been here for 12 years and felt the need to leave because he wanted a new challenge aswell as ££££££££. Ash has been here for only 2 and a half years and recently signed a new contract and said he wants to stay. Martin O’Neill has already stated that Ash’s price tag is now between £40-£50 Million. He won’t be leaving because he does not want to leave, he is a young lad who has set himself lots of goals for his career and he is already our highest paid player on £55,000 a week. He won’t be going anywhere this summer and the same goes for the rest of our star players. We shouldn’t be thinking about players going out because the others will only be Harewood Osbourne and Taylor. We should be thinking about the Bentley’s, Owen’s, Defour’s and Vermallen’s. UTV!

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